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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 20: a brave officer's mortification.--history set right. (search)
Petersen; Acting-Ensign, E. J. Allen; Midshipmen, H. B. Tyson, J. H. Read, E. C. Hazeltine and H. J. Blake; Fleet Surgeon, J. M. Foltz; Assistant Surgeon, Joseph Hugg; Paymaster, George Plunkett; Captain of Marines, J. L. Broome; Chief Engineer, J. B. Kimball; Second-Assistant Engineers, E. B. Latch, W. W. Hopper and F. A. Wilson; Third-Assistant Engineers Isaac De Graff, C. M. Burchard, A. K. Fulton, H. H. Pilkington and W. H. Gamble; Acting-Master's Mates, H. H. Judson, C. H. Loundsberry, T. Mason and J. M. Smalley; Boatswain, James Walker; Gunner, John Duncan; Carpenter, J. H. Conley; Sailmaker, J. A. Holbrook. Steamer Harriet Lane. Commander, J. M. Wainwright; Lieutenant, Edward Lea; Acting-Masters, J. A. Hannum, C. H. Hamilton and W. F. Monroe; Assistant Surgeon, T. N. Penrose; Assistant Paymaster, J. J. Richardson; Second-Assistant Engineers, W. H. Plunkett and C. H. Stone; Third-Assistant Engineers, J. E. Cooper, R. N. Ellis and A. T. E. Mullen; Acting-Masters' Mate, C. M.
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 50: Second attack on Fort Fisher. (search)
cting-Ensigns, Robert Shepperd, S. H. Munder, W. H. H. Curtis and Andrew McCleary; Acting-Master's Mate, Eugene Coleman; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, James McMillan; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, C. D. Collom; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, James Blenkinsop; Acting-Second-Assistants, H. F. Hayden and M. Harloe; Acting-Third-Assistants, T. F. Burket and E. G. Ingalls. *Seneca--Fourth-rate. Lieutenant-Commander, Montgomery Sicard; Acting-Master, Wm H. Maies; Acting-Ensigns, Wm. Schutz, Thomas Mason, W. B. Pierce and L. C. Owen; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, R. H. Greene; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, M. B. Cushing; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, J. P. Sweet; Acting-Second-Assistant, Alfred Catchpole; Acting-Third-Assistants, S. A. Slater, A. J. Doty and T. J. Reaney. Hunchback--Fourth-rate. Lieutenant, Joseph P. Fyffe; Acting-Master, E. K. Valentine; Acting-Ensigns, J. W. Thompson and C. W. Jones; Acting-Master's Mates, J. F. Sias, J. L. Robins, T. W. Rack and F. W. Colton; Acti
rged on the northeasterly and westerly sides. On the westerly portion of this Square a building was erected, about thirty-four feet long and twenty-five feet wide, with posts, and rails around it, probably encumbering nearly the whole space granted for that use by the proprietors of common lands; namely, a square piece, measuring forty-six feet on each side. John Bowers engaged to erect the building for such price as should be determined by Deac. Josiah Moore, Deac. John Watson, and Mr. Thomas Mason. The referees reported, Nov. 5, 1812, that Mr. Bowers was entitled to $210.55, for labor and materials, and that materials had been furnished by subscribers, amounting to $38.39. They also estimated that it would cost $81.00 additional to complete the coving, furnish posts and railings around the house, steps to each door, One door was at the south end, and one on the east side. raising the earth around it, providing benches, cleaver, block, and additional hooks, painting the buildi
Howard. Abraham Hurley. William Hurley. Peter Jackson. Job Jennens. Phinehas Jennison. Abel Johnson. Abijah Johnson. Jesse Johnson. Jonas Johnson. Lawrence Johnson. Philip Johnson. Wicom Johnson. James Jones. John Kidder. Henry King. Peter Landman. Joseph Larkin. Jonathan Lawrence. James Learned. William Learned. Jack Leaven worth. Robert Leonard. Job Littlefield. Jonathan Locke. Thomas Long. Richard Loring. Thomas Mason. Edmund Masters. Robert McCleary. Arthur Me Cord. Daniel McGuire. Daniel McNamara (deserted). John Mead. Thomas Melendy. Joseph Mills. Samuel Mills. Pierce Moran. William Morse. Ephraim Mullett. John Myrick. Alexander Nelson. John Palmer. John Parcells. Thomas Park. Jackson Parker. Thomas Parrott. William Penniman. Thomas Perkins. Jesse Perry. Elijah Phipps. Samuel Phipps. John Pierce. Joseph Pierce. Samuel P
, 1817. Dr. Aaron Hill, 1795-1805, 1807. Nathaniel Champney, 1795-1801, 1806. Ebenezer Brown, 1795-1801, 1803– 1805. William Locke, 1796-1802. Ebenezer Hall, 1802-1804. James Frost, 1802-1805, 1807. Dudley Hardy, 1802-1806. Thomas Mason, 1802, 1811-1814. John Holbrook, 1802. Daniel Mason, 1803-1805. William Whittemore, Jr., 1803-1805. Nathaniel P. Watson, 1806, 1807. Asa Nichols, 1806. Benjamin Locke, 1806, 1807. Jonathan Whittemore, 1806, 1807. Newell B0-1805. Ebenezer Wyeth, 1793-1796. Aaron Hill [2d], 1797-1805, 1807. Josiah Moore, 1806, 1808-1813. Ichabod Fessenden, 1806. George Prentice, 1807. Newell Bent, 1807. Maj. Jonas Wyeth, 1808, 1809, 1812, 1813, 1817-1819. Thomas Mason, 1808-1813, 1815. Benjamin Bigelow, 1810, 1811, 1814, 1825, 1826, 1831-1835. Royal Makepeace, 1814. Thomas Austin, 1814, 1815. Nathaniel Livermore, 1815. Loammi Baldwin, 1816. Richard H. Dana, 1816, 1817. Rufus Fisk, 1816, 1
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 2., The development of the public School of Medford. (search)
letters of application that in some way escaped destruction are those of both Mr. Kendall and Mr. Gray. Neither of them seems to have been acceptable to the committee. Nathaniel Cogswell was continued through the summer, and in the winter William H. Furness taught a term, and as no other man seems to have been employed with him the second room was probably unoccupied. Teachers in the third School-house 1795-1846 FromToHarvard classNotes 1795May, 1796Joseph Wyman 1796Aug.-Dec. 1796Thomas Mason1796from Princeton, Mass., b. 1769 1796Dec.-July, 1797Leonard Woods1796from Princeton, b. 1774 1797Aug.-Aug. 1799Daniel Appleton White1797from Methuen, b. 1776 1799Sept.-Nov. 1800Silas Warren1795from Westown, b. 1767 1800Mch.-April, 1803Abner Rogers1800from Hampstead, N. H., b. 1775 1803May-June, 1803Peter Nourse1803from Boston, b. 1774 ??Daniel Swan1803b. 1781 at Charlestown 1806Feb.-Aug. 1807Samuel Weed1800from Amesbury, b. 1774 School-house enlarged and two schools established 1
athaniel Thayer. Settled as minister of Lancaster in 1793. Father of John E. Thayer and Brother, Brokers, Boston. After 1790. Luther Stearns of Lunenburg. Afterward physician, then principal of Boys' and Girls' Academy in Medford. Died there in 1820, aged 50. After 1790. Joseph Wyman of Woburn. Mr. Pierce his assistant. Afterward principal of Boys' and Girls' Academy in Medford. Left Medford 1799, died in Woburn about 1825. Succeeded by Miss Rowson. 1796.——Warren. Thomas Mason for six months. A large, powerful man; a great wrestler. Settled as minister of Deerfield, 1799. Fall 1796, 1797. Leonard Woods of Princeton, for six months. Joined the church under Dr. Osgood. President Andover Theological Seminary. Died there Aug., 1854, aged 81. 1798, 1799. David A. White of Methuen, to Aug., 1799. Afterward Latin tutor in Harvard College nearly four years, State senator, member of Congress, judge of Probate, Essex Co. Died Mar. 30, 1861, aged 84.
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 14., A Medford schoolmaster and Athlete. (search)
ford had a Harvard student for schoolmaster. In later years he was described as a large and powerful man of dignified and commanding appearance. His name was Thomas Mason, and during the whole of his college life he was the champion wrestler of Harvard. Upon his graduation he was settled over the church at Northfield, See Reerve during his stay in Medford. During his ministry at Northfield a party of men came up the Connecticut River and challenged the town to a wrestling match. Mr. Mason attended, and remarked to the champion that he did not understand his art, whereupon he was himself challenged to a trial. He at first declined, whether from l before his capture—a witty and faithful servant. The Sabbath after his death the deacon sent up to the desk the usual request for prayers for the bereaved, and Mr. Mason's pathetic allusions to the faithful old slave were long remembered. With such an one in the old Medford schoolhouse as master, it is safe to conclude that th
Almetus P. Brown. two cases: The Old Dominion Savings Bank; David Baker, jr., four cases; Thaddens B. Starke. six cases; William G. Dandridge, two cases; Benjamin M. Harris, two cases; Emanuel Semon, four cases; George I. Herring, four cases; The Metropolitan Savings Banks, five cases; Francis B. Hart, two cases; Peachy R. Grattan; David J. Burr; Moses L. Stratton; Thomas Lawson; D. J. Saunders. jr.; David J. Saunders; The City of Richmond, three cases; John F. Regnault; James M. Taylor; Charles W. Purcell; Stephen Mason, two cases; Thos. Mason, two cases; James L. Porter; Garinta Barker; The United Savings Bank of Henrico co.; Edward D. Eacho, two cases; Thomas J. Starke; William L. Maule; The Virginia Savings Bank; five cases; The People's Savings Bank, two cases; Thomas M. Alfriend, two cases; Richard H. Dibrell, two cases; Charles R. Bricken, two cases; D. F. Booth, three cases; Isaac J. Mercer, four cases; John H. Digges, three cases; Richard S. Massie; John. T. Sublett.
The New York Herald contains its usual number of foreign correspondents. Below we furnish several extracts taken from them: From Havana — the steamer Theodora--our Commissioners entertained, &c. The Havana correspondence of the New York Herald, dated Oct. 25, says: Your correspondent doubtless will have informed you of the steamer Theodora, which arrived at Havana a few days ago from Charleston, S. C., with some fifty passengers on board, many of them bound for Europe, ex-Senator Mason, of Virginia, being among these latter. I saw her in the harbor the day we arrived, with the rebel flag flying from her peak. She cleared here for Nassau, and left day before yesterday, the 24th, and it has been whispered here that she had some designs on the Columbia. The day the Karuak arrived at Havana there arrived also a vessel from New Orleans with the news of a naval engagement near that city, the official dispatches concerning which were copied into the Diario de la Mar
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