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Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 1., Chapter 15: siege of Fort Pickens.--Declaration of War.--the Virginia conspirators and, the proposed capture of Washington City. (search)
eutenant Slemmer was commissioned major of the Sixteenth Regiment of Infantry; and because of brave conduct subsequently in Tennessee, he was raised to the rank of brigadier-general. The Chamber of Commerce of New York included in their resolution to honor the defenders of Fort Sumter with a series of bronze medals, See pages 383 and 334. those of Fort Pickens, and these were presented to Slemmer, his officers and men, at the same time. The medals were executed by the same sculptor (Charles Miller), and of the same sizes. The engraving represents the one presented to Lieutenant Slemmer, on a smaller scale than the original. This medal, made of bronze, is six inches in diameter. On one side is a medallion portrait of Lieutenant Slemmer, and the inscription, Adam J. Slemmer. On the other side is Cerberus, as the Monster of War, chained to Fort Pickens. By this design the artist intended to typify the forbearance of the Government and its servants, which was conspicuously exhi
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 23: destruction of the ram Arkansas.--capture of Galveston.--capture of the Harriet Lane.--sinking of the Hatteras.--attack on Baton Rouge.--Miscellaneous engagements of the gun-boats. (search)
ibbs; Acting-Masters' Mates, E. S. Lowe, H. C. Leslie, Robert Beardsley, H. S. Bolles and James Buck. Steamer Susquehanna. Commodore, R. B. Hitchcock; Lieutenant-Commander, Montgomery Sicard; Lieutenant, Louis Kempff; Surgeon, Joseph Beals; Assistant Surgeon, H. C. Nelson; Chief Engineer, George Sewell; Captain of Marines, P. R. Fendall, Jr.; Ensign, Walter Abbott; Assistant Engineers, J. M. Hobby, James Butterworth, E. R. Arnold, Nelson Ross, R. H. Buel and F. T. H. Ramsden; Boatswain, Charles Miller; Gunner, E. J. Waugh; Carpenter, G. M. Doughty; Sailmaker, J. C. Herbert; Acting-Masters, G. B. Livingstone, A. L. B. Zerega and W. L. Churchill; Acting-Masters' Mates, F. G. Adams and E. B. Pratt. Steamer Oneida. Captain, Samuel F. Hazard; Lieutenants, W. N. Allen and F. S. Brown; Surgeon, John Y. Taylor; Paymaster, C. W. Hassler; Chief Engineer, F. C. Dade; Assistant Engineers, Horace McMurtrie, J. H. Morrison, R. H. Fitch, W. D. McIlvaine and A. S. Brower; Boatswain, James
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 34: (search)
Lewis, F. B. Allen and E. M. Breese; Acting-Master's Mates, W. F. Reynolds, Jr., E. V. Tyson and Benj. Woods. Steamer Susquehanna. Captain, R. B. Hitchcock; Lieutenant-Commander, J. H. Gillis; Surgeon, Joseph Beale; Paymaster, W. H. Thompson; Assistant Surgeon, H. C. Nelson; Captain of Marines, P. R. Fendall; Chief Engineer, George Sewell; Assistant Engineers, J. M. Hobby, James Renshaw, James Butterworth and E. R. Arnold; Acting-Masters, W. L. Churchill and G. B. Livingston; Boatswain, Chas. Miller; Gunner. Wm. Summers; Carpenter, G. M. Doughty; Sailmaker, J. C. Herbert. Steamer Aroostook. Lieutenant-Commander, S. R. Franklin; Lieutenant, T. S. Spencer; Acting-Masters, Eben Hoyt and W. A. Maine; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, W. L. Pynchon; Assistant Engineers, W. G. Buehler, Geo. R. Holt, James Entwistle and Samuel Gragg; Acting-Master's Mates, C. F. Palmer, Louis Hammersley and Edw. Culbert. Steamer Dacotah. Captain, J. P. McKinstry; Lieutenant, G. C. Wiltse; Surge
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 50: Second attack on Fort Fisher. (search)
, H. C. Thorburn and J. B. Lukens; Engineers: Chief, A. C. Stimers; Second-Assistants, J. S. Green, P. R. Voorhees, W. C. Williamson, A. Michener and N. W. Buckhout; Acting-Third-Assistants, J. W. Collins, W. H. Peabody and J. T. Smith; Boatswain, Charles Miller; Gunner, Cornelius Dugan; Carpenter, Wm. Hyde; Sailmaker, H. W. Frankland. *Vanderbilt--Second-rate. Captain, Charles W. Pickering; Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant-Commander, J. D. Danels; Surgeon, Joseph Wilson; Assistant-Surgeon, L.artin and F. McKinley; Acting-Third-Assistants, W. R. Call, and J. McCallum. *Gettysburg--Fourth-rate. Lieutenant, R. H. Lamson; Acting-Master, C. B. Dahlgren; Acting-Ensigns, A. S. Leighton, F. P. B. Sands, F. A. Gross, M. C. Keith and Charles Miller; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, G. S. Eddy; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, R. H. Gillette; Acting-Master's Mate, H. J. Derbyshire and T. H. P. Gross; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistants, G. S. Perkins, J. M. Case, E. C. Maloy and A. J. Pixley; Acting-
. S. Geer, both acting field-officers who ably assisted me upon the march and during the engagement of Saturday, December thirteenth; also Adjutant Geo. W. Remington and all officers and men-each vied with the other in sustaining the reputation of the regiment won at Bull Run, Yorktown, Williamsburgh, Fair Oaks, Malvern Hill, Charles City Cross-Road, Groveton, Chantilly, etc. The following is a correct list of the casualties that have occurred: Privates, Wm. Williams, company B, back; Charles Miller, company B, arm; Wm. Osborne, company C, hand; H. S. Briggs, company F, head; Michael Kane, company G, foot; Ira Austin, company I, foot. I have the honor to be, etc., M. B. Houghton, Major Commanding Third Michigan Volunteers. Report of Colonel Morgan. New-York City, December 24-29, 1862. your Excellency: Knowing that you will experience anxiety concerning the conduct and fortune of this regiment, I send you a brief narrative of the part which we took on that occasion.
, and to meet a foe whom they can see. I have not known a more dramatic, brilliant, and at the same time bloodless episode, in this whole campaign than was enacted to-day by the command of General Schofield--so entirely successful, and so entirely without loss. Isham's ford, Georgia, July 11, 1864. The names of the three men mentioned as the first to take possession of the rebel gun unmanned by our sharpshooters, on the occasion of crossing the river, on the eighth, are James Vaught, Charles Miller, and James Carter. These all belong to company A, Twelfth Kentucky infantry, Bird's brigade, Cox's division, Twenty-third Army Corps. The same day on which the Twenty-third corps effected the crossing of the river (the eighth), Colonel Garrard's cavalry also crossed at Roswell, but about an hour later than this corps Having marched rapidly, the day before, upon the large cotton factory at that point, he took it altogether by surprise, destroying a vast quantity of army canvas, which
Granville,G Private James McLaughlin,G Private Solomon Hall,G Sergeant William Wildman,H Sergeant John Kelly,H Sergeant George E. Long,H Corporal William S. Caldwell,H Corporal Randall F. Hunnewell,H Corporal William P. Pethie,H Corporal Charles Miller,H Corporal William R. Davis,H Private Edwin T. Ehrlacher,H Private Gros Granadino,H Private Eli Hawkins,H Private Patrick J. Monks,H Private John Veliscross,H Private George Wilson,H 13th Massachusetts Battery. Private Cesahe glorious flag and defiantly bore it through the remainder of the day. Color-Corporal Barr of Company C, who carried the State colors, was also shot, and his post of honor and danger quickly taken by Color-Corporal Wheeler of Company I. Color-Corporal Miller was also wounded. Of the 28th Mass. Infantry (Col. Richard Byrnes), which had, after the 20th, the largest list of killed and mortally wounded at Fredericksburg (thirty-six), General Meagher, its brigade commander, says in his report:
r, H. L., 395 Metcalf, Aaron, 536 Meyers, Franklin, 536 Mezger, Frederick, 395 Mickell, Daniel, 395 Midgley, A. E., 118, 469 Milan, John, 536 Miles, B. S., 395 Miles, James, 395 Miles, John, 151 Miles, N. A., 6, 30, 96, 118, 119, 120, 125, 126, 133 Millard, P. S., 536 Millen, James, 395 Millen, Patrick, 536 Miller, Andrew, 493 Miller, August, 1st, 395 Miller, August, 28th Mass. Inf., 536 Miller, August, 31st Mass. Inf., 395 Miller, Benjamin, 395 Miller, C. A., 469 Miller, Charles, 64 Miller, D. B., 395 Miller, Franklin, 536 Miller, Franz, 395 Miller, G. H., 395 Miller, H. F., 469 Miller, J. A., 78 Miller, J. D., 470 Miller, J. M., 536 Miller, Jacob, 191 Miller, James, 65 Miller, John, 469 Miller, Joseph, 536 Miller, L. L., 470 Miller, Luke, 536 Miller, Lysander, 536 Miller, Ozro, 55, 395 Miller, Silas, 395 Miller, Thomas (or S. H.), 536 Miller, William, 1st Mass. Cav., 536 Miller, William, 2d Mass., H. A., 536 Millett, Daniel, 493 Mille
n the Russell district, thence running easterly south of John Tufts' house to the south side of the wind mill on Prospect Hill; thence northeast of the house of William Bonner, embracing in the present district the houses of Ephraim Hill and Charles Miller; thence from said Miller's to Cambridge line, west of Charles Wait's house. Exertions have been made to find suitable accommodations for a school by hiring a room, but the committee has been unsuccessful. They recommend the erection of a hoMiller's to Cambridge line, west of Charles Wait's house. Exertions have been made to find suitable accommodations for a school by hiring a room, but the committee has been unsuccessful. They recommend the erection of a house to be located near the house of Edwin Munroe, a lot of land suitable for which will be presented to the town by said Munroe and C. Harrington, and may be erected for $500. Messrs. Allen, Underwood, and Thompson are empowered to get a deed of this land and to build thereon. Later (in November) this section of Milk Row received the name of the Prospect Hill district, and $600 was appropriated for the building. The committee in charge of this school were instructed not to allow the children
Nathaniel, 3. Mather, Mrs., Richard, 3. Maulsby, David L., 53. McKoun, Martha T., 71. McLean Asylum, 54, 65. Mead, Abba (Abby), 51, 67, 69, 70, 71, 73, 74, 77. Mead, Anna B., 72. Mead, Sarah A., 49. Mears, T., 15. Medford, Mass., 30. Medford Pond, 93. Medford Public Domain Club, 38. Medford River, 93. Medford Street, 54, 70, 88. Merrill, Nathan, 71, 73, 82. Methodist Meeting House, 81. Middlesex Bleachery, 57, 60. Middlesex Canal, 85. Middlesex Fells, 29-39. Miller, Charles, 74. Miller, James, 54. Miller, Joseph, 12. Miller, Joseph, Jr., 12. Miller, Deacon, Thomas, 67. Milk Row District, 73, 79, 92, 93. Milk Row Primary, 95. Milk Row School, 16, 18, 20, 21, 47, 48, 50, 51, 56, 67, 70, 71, 72, 74, 75, 76, 77, 81, 83, 92, 93. Milton, Mass., 9. Mitchell's Geography, 98. Morse's Geography and Atlas, 25. Moulton's Point, 81. Mt. Andrew Park, 32. Mt. Vernon Reader, 98. Muir, John, 1. Mulliken, John W., 71. Munro, Lewis B., 99. Munroe, Ed
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