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e expressly that its obligation was of this extent, and no more: that it did not bind me to think or say the principles on which I had acted were erroneous; but to abstain, in future, from the assertion of them by force of arms. It only remains to add a few words in explanation of the illustrations which accompany the text. It is earnestly recommended to the attentive reader, that he shall connect his perusal of the descriptive parts of the narrative with a careful study of the map of Virginia. This is so accessible to all Americans, that it was thought superfluous to burden this work with the expense of its insertion. A simple diagram is inserted, to facilitate the comprehension of each of the more important battles. These plates have been carefully prepared, from actual inspections and surveys, made by Confederate engineers; but they are simplified by leaving out all except the most essential lines and features. The intelligent reader, even though not a military man, will r
Robert Lewis Dabney, Life and Commands of Lieutenand- General Thomas J. Jackson, Chapter 1: parentage, and Early years. (search)
amily, crossed the main Alleghany ridge into Northwestern Virginia, where lands yet wider allured his enterpristurn southward, and form the western border of Northern Virginia, separating it from the territory of Ohio. As of Western Pennsylvania, into the hills of Northwestern Virginia; and thus it came to pass that, in the latte, the vine, the peach, and all the products of Eastern Virginia. But this fertile region could only be reachet of the United States for the Western District of Virginia. He writes to Mrs. Madison, whose sister he had ment and influential man in the settlement of Northwestern Virginia. Having taken part with his father III the es from Harrison County in the General Assembly of Virginia, was a member for that county in the State Convention by which Virginia accepted the Federal Constitution, and was first delegate from his district to the first of adven ture. Their race is now scattered from Virginia to Oregon. More than one of them has been led, by
Robert Lewis Dabney, Life and Commands of Lieutenand- General Thomas J. Jackson, Chapter 4: life in Lexington. (search)
on's introduction into the military academy of the commonwealth of Virginia at Lexington, is naturally preceded by a relation of the few incid pulpit orator, and professor in their college, Randolph Macon, in Virginia. But his ecclesiastical views having undergone a change, he took mental Philosophy and Artillery Tactics in the Military Academy of Virginia. This school, founded about twelve years before, upon the model o prototype, and was now attended by several hundred young men from Virginia and other Southern States. It is placed near the village of Lexin the most fertile and picturesque districts in the great valley of Virginia. Its castellated buildings, grandly situated on a commanding yet ss. In politics, Jackson was always a Democrat. This term, in Virginia, always had reference more to the principles of Federal polity, thed ratio). The Presbyterians and other evangelical churches in Virginia, have long had the usage of meeting about the middle of the week i
Robert Lewis Dabney, Life and Commands of Lieutenand- General Thomas J. Jackson, Chapter 5: secession. (search)
fact, by the miserable subterfuge: That Virginia, New York, and Rhode Island, only stipulated for try, treason, and murder; to deny the right of Virginia to punish it; to vilify the State in conseque States lying next to the Free States, and in Virginia. With these Major Jackson sympathized. Althrts at conciliation. The General Assembly of Virginia proposed a conference of the Free and Slave Sd risen over her very head. So reluctant was Virginia to behold the ruin of the Union she had so lotes, except Maryland, refused compliance. In Virginia all remains of hesitation were instantly exti, there was now but one mind and one heart in Virginia. In one week, the whole State was converted ore his jaws. How grandly does the action of Virginia contrast with that of Maryland and Kentucky, ving taken counsel only of God and the right, Virginia stepped into the imminent deadly breach, bariousness of the war. If then the secession of Virginia was a crime, Jackson was the most amazing of [23 more...]
Robert Lewis Dabney, Life and Commands of Lieutenand- General Thomas J. Jackson, Chapter 6: first campaign in the Valley. (search)
f-defence, and the solemn warnings uttered by Virginia and the other Border States, were mocked at a Scott, the conqueror of Mexico, and a son of Virginia, was about to return, to espouse the cause of of April, two notable events had occurred in Virginia, of which one was the evacuation of the greatnies of volunteers flocked from the valley of Virginia to the place, until the materials of a littleed to the interior; and to defend the soil of Virginia from the invasion threatened from that quarteincreased by the accession of volunteers from Virginia, and of a few Southern troops, to forty-five th unbounded enthusiasm. By a treaty between Virginia and the Confederate Government, the State traMajor-General Lee, at the command of the State of Virginia, with this charge; and could only relinqss the Alleghany Mountains, throughout northwestern Virginia to the Ohio River. And others, leadinpoint for the defence of the upper regions of Virginia, and thither General Johnston determined to r[13 more...]
Robert Lewis Dabney, Life and Commands of Lieutenand- General Thomas J. Jackson, Chapter 7: Manassas. (search)
Potomac, to go southwestward into the interior of Virginia, at the distance of twenty-five miles, found the Mestly the strategic point for the defence of Northeastern Virginia. It was at a convenient distance from the P Jackson, in reference to his native region, Northwestern Virginia. The communications of all the region betweStates of the Northwest than with the remainder of Virginia. A large portion of the population was, moreover, prevailing there, was rather that of Ohio than of Virginia. To the military invasions of the enemy it lay coon as he, not content with the occupation of Northwestern Virginia, sought to invade the central parts of the Sand its supplies. The obvious military policy for Virginia, therefore, was to make no attempt to hold the Norhe enemy, a most important part of central and northern Virginia, the counties of the lower Valley, and of the umerous race — everywhere stanch in its loyalty to Virginia, and wielding the wealth and influence of the dist
Robert Lewis Dabney, Life and Commands of Lieutenand- General Thomas J. Jackson, Chapter 8: winter campaign in the Valley. 1861-62. (search)
ey extends through much of the States of Pennsylvania and Virginia, and crosses Maryland, at its narrowest part. This distrources in the main Alleghany range to its outlet into Eastern Virginia at Harper's Ferry. It is bounded on the southeast bee were posted, after their ineffectual attempt upon Northwest Virginia. That commander had been recalled, to be employed ise brigades embraced the 21st, 42d, and 48th regiments of Virginia, and the 1st battalion of State Regulars, with Captain Maralists enjoyed for pouring troops and supplies into Northwest Virginia, must ever have rendered its occupation by a Confedergin to Cumberland; above which it returns to the soil of Virginia. Two massive and costly bridges span the river at these t, When he was told that the Governor had, in the name of Virginia, withdrawn his resignation from the files of the War Depadenominated the 2d Brigade of the Army of the Valley. Two Virginia regiments only, the 23d and 37th, remained to Colonel Tal
Robert Lewis Dabney, Life and Commands of Lieutenand- General Thomas J. Jackson, Chapter 9: General view of the campaigns of 1862. (search)
connexion with each other. The movements in Virginia were related to those in the Great West, and on had a vital influence upon the campaign in Virginia. In writing the military history of this regions surrounding the Appalachian Range, in Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia, equally removed nd Roanoke Island. On the eastern borders of Virginia, they occupied Fortress Monroe, and Newport Neditable, concurred to diminish the armies in Virginia. Furloughs were liberally given, in order toof the most important strategic points in Central Virginia. It is situated on the Central Railroad,tomac continuously to the extremity of Southwestern Virginia). It is also the terminus of the Turnp position still more interior. Moreover, Eastern Virginia, south of Gordonsville, was the great tobof the Valley was essential to the defence of Virginia. Geographically, it is the heart of the Statill invade us. I am delighted to hear you say Virginia is resolved to consecrate all her resources, [2 more...]
Robert Lewis Dabney, Life and Commands of Lieutenand- General Thomas J. Jackson, Chapter 11: McDowell. (search)
l period of his movement. For the rest, the position of the Federal forces in Virginia was the following: General Fremont, in command of the Northwestern Department, 10,000 strong, watching Fredericksburg. The whole remainder of the forces in Virginia was collected upon the peninsula, to resist the advance of McClellan. By tont. From his own rear, a good turnpike road led over Swift Run Gap, into Eastern Virginia, and to the Centcal Railroad, forty miles distant, at Gordonsville; thus pe inhabitants, who had only heard that the army had disappeared again into Eastern Virginia, no one knew whither. By Monday evening, the whole army came up, and the ence they could fight the battle equally well: We did not come all this way to Virginia, to run before Yankees. Just before the close of the engagement, General Jo. J. Jackson, Major-General. This announcement was received by the people of Virginia and of the Confederate States with peculiar delight, because it was the first
Robert Lewis Dabney, Life and Commands of Lieutenand- General Thomas J. Jackson, Chapter 12: Winchester. (search)
as in this gloomy hour, that the spirit of the General Assembly of Virginia, and of the citizens of her Capital, flamed up with a lofty and unRichmond, if it occurred, would by no means imply the desertion of Virginia. Even while they conferred together, a courier brought him news, news of partial movements of the forces of the latter towards Eastern Virginia, anticipated the sudden withdrawal of his whole army from the ks deserted without cause, when he detached General Shields to Eastern Virginia. As the traveller proceeds northeast down the county of Page, offered other advantages: it placed him between his enemy and Eastern Virginia, whither General Lee feared he was moving: it enabled him to cwhich it was the honor of General Lee to banish from the armies in Virginia. This was the custom of temporarily attaching to the staff of a Gs, and armies; the authorized robberies now begun in the valley of Virginia. Not only were the inhabitants plundered by the Federal soldiers
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