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Athens (Greece) 26 0 Browse Search
Delphi (Greece) 18 0 Browse Search
Greece (Greece) 12 0 Browse Search
Parnassus (Greece) 6 0 Browse Search
Asia 6 0 Browse Search
Euboea (Greece) 4 0 Browse Search
Europe 4 0 Browse Search
Delos (Greece) 2 0 Browse Search
Attica (Greece) 2 0 Browse Search
Maia (Portugal) 2 0 Browse Search
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Athens (Greece) (search for this): card 998
parate; for good does not mix with ill. Tutor O dearest child, you have all that you need. Creusa With this the boy shall die, and you will be the one to kill him. Tutor Where and how? It is for you to say it and for me to dare it. Creusa At Athens, when he comes to my home. Tutor That was not well said; I say this, for you have found fault with me. Creusa How? Do you suspect what has come to me also? Tutor You will appear to destroy the child, even if you don't kill him. Creusa Rightllibations to the gods, with this in your robe, put it in the youth's cup. . . but keep the cup apart, for him alone, not everyone—the one who is going to be the master of my house! And when it has gone down his throat, he will never see glorious Athens, but he will die and remain here.She gives him the bracelet. Tutor You go now to your hosts; I will accomplish what I have been ordered to do. Come then, my aged foot, be young in action, even if you cannot be in years. Go with your master agai