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Athens (Greece) 46 0 Browse Search
Ephesus (Turkey) 38 0 Browse Search
Jupiter (Canada) 6 0 Browse Search
Lesbos (Greece) 4 0 Browse Search
Thornton (United Kingdom) 4 0 Browse Search
India (India) 2 0 Browse Search
Paris (France) 2 0 Browse Search
Cappadocia (Turkey) 2 0 Browse Search
Sardis (Turkey) 2 0 Browse Search
Hallo (Pennsylvania, United States) 2 0 Browse Search
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Oriental (Senegal) (search for this): act 5, scene 1
inaA golden mina: The golden "mina" was worth ten silver ones, or one thousand "drachmae," of about ninepence three-farthings each., then. PYRGOPOLINICES For what reason? CARIO That we may now let you go hence unmaimed, you little grandson of Venus; otherwise you shall not escape from here; don't you deceive yourself. PYRGOPOLINICES It shall be given you. CARIO You're very wise. As for your tunic, and your scarfAnd your scarf: The "chlamys" was an outer garment worn among the Greeks and Oriental nations, somewhat resembling our scarfs. That worn by the Captain would probably be of great value, which of course would tempt the cupidity of his persecutors. The translation of l. 1426 is somewhat modified., and sword, don't at all hope for them; you shan't have them. A SERVANT. Shall I beat him again, or do you let him go? PYRGOPOLINICES I'm tamed by your cudgels. I do entreat you. PERIPLECOMENUS Loose him. PYRGOPOLINICES I return you thanks. PERIPLECOMENUS If I ever catch you here aga