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Benjamin F. Butler 1,260 10 Browse Search
U. S. Grant 1,168 12 Browse Search
United States (United States) 1,092 0 Browse Search
Washington (United States) 694 24 Browse Search
David D. Porter 362 4 Browse Search
Fortress Monroe (Virginia, United States) 358 8 Browse Search
H. W. Halleck 335 5 Browse Search
Fitzhugh Lee 333 1 Browse Search
Massachusetts (Massachusetts, United States) 308 0 Browse Search
Baltimore, Md. (Maryland, United States) 282 2 Browse Search
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Port Hudson (Louisiana, United States) (search for this): chapter 26
-530; receives information from Butler leaving New Orleans, 531-532; reference to by Seward, 535; paroles prisoners at Port Hudson and Vicksburg, 584; reference to, 629; quarrel with Hancock, 877. Barker, Jacob, advances money at New Orleans, 383leck's orders, 459; proposed junction with Curtis, 463; declared by Davis responsible for non-exchange of prisoners at Port Hudson and Vicksburg, 584; proposes to Butler to cease exchanging prisoners, 592, 595; forbids further exchange, 596; despatc 1858,123; defeated for governor in 1860, 149. Pope, Alex., 1001. Pope, General, 587; letter to Halleck, 460. Port Hudson, Butler advises Banks regarding, 531-532. Port Walthall Junction railroad destroyed, 645. Portsmouth, Union forcnt Mejan, 474; reports on Williams' position at Baton Rouge, 481; experience with colored troops, 496-500; man to take Port Hudson, 531; advises Butler, 642; reference to, 649; suggestion at Drury's Bluff, 658; division at Drury's Bluft, 658; made c
Gettysburg (Pennsylvania, United States) (search for this): chapter 26
, 525. Gazette, Cincinnati, 822. George, John H., desired for Colonelcy, 303-304. George, Capt. Paul R., anecdote of, 303-304; on Butler's staff, 892. Gettysburg, an indecisive conflict, 583-585; battle of, 665; Lee's mistake at, 879. Gillmore, Major-General, ordered to join Butler, 630; tardiness of, 639, 642; moves ; attempts to recover Fort Harrison, 737; Grant's fears in regard to, 827; at variance with Longstreet, 879; depletion in army of, 879; acknowledges mistakes at Gettysburg, 879; tribute to Mahone at state dinner, 881-887; Davenport's report of army, 900; crippled by want of reinforcements, 901, 902; reference to, 628, 629, 630; 64lamation at, 896. Sickles, General, persuades Buchanan<*>to withdraw an order revoking parade of troops, 218. in Halleck's letter to Grant, 878; the hero of Gettysburg, 878; object of jealousy of Republican politicians, 878. Signal Tower, Weitzel awaits orders at, 784. Sixth Massachusetts Regiment, 163, 165, 166; ordered
Ford, Va. (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 26
five Forks, The battle of, 901. Flanders, chosen congressman in Louisiana, 523. Flag Pond Hill battery, Porter attempts to silence, 791, Floyd, Secretary of War, under Buchanan, 166-167. Flusser, Commander, tribute to, 635; killed at Plymouth, 636. Fox, Gustavus V., Assistant Secretary of Navy. anecdote of, 287-288; arbitrator in the Farragut prize suit, 1011. Foote, Senator, reference to, 695, 715, 716; calumnious letter from Smith to, 696-697; letter quoted, 712-713. Ford's Theatre, Lincoln assassinated at, 930. Forty-Seventh Regiment of Virginia Volunteers, 679. Fort Burnham (formerly Fort Harrison), 737. Fort Darling, 747. Fort Donelson, reference to, 872, 873, 874. Fort Fisher, Weitzel reconnoitres, 774; preparations for expedition against, 782; Butler waits for Porter, 785-787; fleet sails in sight of, 789; powder-boat exploded at, 790; bombarded, 790-792; troops debark at, 792; prisoners taken at, 792-795; Major Reece gives information of, 79
Davenport (Iowa, United States) (search for this): chapter 26
o, 872; Halleck's report of, 872; McClellan's orders, 873. Grant, Gen. U. S., Halleck's order, 873; thinks Butler hostile to him, 873-874; in Personal Memoirs, 874-875; carries instructions to Sherman, 876; orders Meade to Burkville, 876; on Davenport's report, 900; believes Lee must surrender, 901; in Personal Memoirs, 902; reference to, 903; Sherman's report to, 913; as president, 925; the Alabama claims in, the administration, 966. Grant, Mrs., 854, 860. Grant, Colonel, 860. Greeley,ives at Petersburg, 691; attempts to recover Fort Harrison, 737; Grant's fears in regard to, 827; at variance with Longstreet, 879; depletion in army of, 879; acknowledges mistakes at Gettysburg, 879; tribute to Mahone at state dinner, 881-887; Davenport's report of army, 900; crippled by want of reinforcements, 901, 902; reference to, 628, 629, 630; 645, 646, 647, 686, 688, 703, 705, 735, 831, 858. Lee, Fitzhugh, attempts the capture of Fort Pocahontas, 669-670. Lefferts, Colonel of Seve
Fortress Monroe (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 26
eutenant-Colonel, carries instructions to Fortress Monroe, 637. Department of Virginia and Northil off Hatteras, 344. First Vermont at Fortress Monroe, 252. First Maine Heavy Artillery, conr, Maj. G. T. Strong, wounded at, 891. Fortress Monroe, assigned to, 240; arrival at, 243; descr Fourth Massachusetts Regiment sails for Fortress Monroe, 173-174. Fourth Wisconsin Regiment, 3respondence, 698; consults with Butler at Fortress Monroe, 627, 857; approves of Butler's plans, 62imore to Washington, 200, 202; embarks at Fortress Monroe, 640; seizes City Point, 640; occupies Sp847; needy assisted, 848; Shepley sent to Fortress Monroe, 871. North Anna, reference to battle er in command, 828; accompanies Butler to Fortress Monroe, 828; report to Grant, 829; opinion of Buuisition on, 264; assigns General Wool to Fortress Monroe, 278-280; Bull Run his last chance for gl. Wool, Maj.-Gen. John E., assigned to Fortress Monroe, 278, 281; receives report of capture of [4 more...]
New Bern (North Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 26
, 831; Grant believes Lee must abandon, 901. Phelps, General J. W., occupies Hampton, 252; detailed to Newport News, 254; should have commanded at Big Bethel, 268; opponent of slavery, 305; unwarrantable action of, at Ship Island, 355-356; his ships towed up the Mississippi, 370; collision with, on the negro question, 488-489; at New Orleans, 896; differs with Butler on the slavery question, 896-897. Phillips, Wendell, on contraband theory, 259. Pickett, Major-General, attack upon New Berne and Beaufort, N. C., 618. Pierpont, Governor, protests against draft, 618. Pierce, General, at Big Bethel, 172, 268, 270, 275, 292. Pierce, President, appoints Butler visitor at West Point, 127; makes Davis Secretary of War, 140; persuades law partner not to enlist, 303-304: reference to, 982; son killed, 1020; asks Butler to defend railroad, 1021; the suit, 1021-1026. Pierce, Mrs., the piety of, 1021. Pierce, Henry B., reminds Butler of Fast Day proclamation, 970. Plymou
Kansas (Kansas, United States) (search for this): chapter 26
. Juge, Paul, commander of European brigade, at New Orleans, 432. K Kane, Marshal, of Baltimore, interview with,233. Kautz Cavalry, reference to, 677,399; Butler's orders to, respecting expedition against Richmond, 722, 730; reference to, 858. Kautz, General, moves toward City Point, 640; reference to, 640, 643, 646; burns bridges, 649; cuts Danville Railroad, 651; enters Petersburg, waits for Gilmore, 678-679; Butler's order regarding expedition against Richmond, 722, 730. Kansas, political struggle in, 132-133,145. Keeley, George, professor at Waterville College, 59. Kelly, John, opposes Cleveland, 983. Keith, Colonel, disabled at Baton Rouge, 482. Kennedy, Supt. John A., New York City police, under command of, 760. Kensel, Col. George A., on Butler's staff, 891; anecdote of, 891-892. Keyes, Lieutenant-Colonel, officious conduct of, 205-207. key, Postmaster-General, gives Mrs. Mumford a clerkship, 446. Kilpatrick, General, starts on raid to R
Cape Ann (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 26
. T. W., at Baton Rouge, 482. Calvin, Butler controverts doctrine of, 60-63; his position sustained, 64. Cameron, Simon, Secretary of War, requisition for two Massachusetts regiments, 170; regarding Ross Winans, 234; urges Butler to remain in service, 239; letter to, 240; instructions regarding contrabands, 259-261; reference to General McClellan, 473; asks Butler to accept Vice-Presidency, 633-635; seeks an interview with Butler, 768-769. Canada, hostility of the Dominion, 966. Cape Ann, Butler's summer home at, 919. Cape Henry, transport fleet anchor off, 785-786. Cape Lookout, rendezvous of Porter and Butler, 789-790. Carey, Major J. N., interview with regarding contrabands, 257-258; letter from, 262-263. Carey shoots constable Heywood, 1026. Carney, James G., offers Governor Andrew bank funds, 171-173. Carruth, Lieutenant, suppresses anti-draft demonstration in Boston, 277. Carrolton, Phelps at, 896. Cassels, Col., John, acts investigated, 850; t
Northumberland County (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 26
's Life of Lincoln, critical references to, 219, 227, 243, 260, 264, 421. Nim's battery, 460. Ninth Connecticut regiment, story of, 311, 316, at Baton Rouge, 483; at Camp Moore, 460. Ninth New Jersey, position at Drury's bluff, 663. Norfolk, Union forces occupy, 617; Butler confers with Porter at, 785; goods received and examined at, 843; yellow fever prevented, 847; needy assisted, 848; Shepley sent to Fortress Monroe, 871. North Anna, reference to battle of, 710. Northumberland Co., Va., Confederate scouts in, 785. Nottingham Square, Butler goes to school at, 44-46. O Odell investigates causes of Butler's removal, 833; Butler's answer to, 833. Oliver, Gen. H. K., 172. One Hundred and Forty-Eighth New York Volunteers' expedition into Chesapeake Bay, 617. Orr, South Carolina secession commissioner, 156. Ord, Major-General, Butler's order to, regarding movement to surprise Confederate forces around Richmond, 722-730; starts on expedition, 730; captu
Chicago (Illinois, United States) (search for this): chapter 26
Chemistry, Butler's study of, at Waterville, 58-59. Chesapeake Bay, expedition into, 617; transport fleet in, 785. Chicago, Schaffer in, 895; the currency in, 943. Chickahominy River, Colonel West drives enemy from, 645. child, Linus, inr's staff, 895. Clark, Rev., Thos. N., first teacher in Lowell High School, 55-56. Cleveland, Grover, nominated at Chicago National Convention, 982. Cliff House, Cal., wrecked by powder explosion, 776. Clifford, Judge, reference to, 995 w Orleans, as a Union journal, 895. Democratic National Convention, Charleston, 134; adjourned to Baltimore, 142-144; Chicago, 631; reference to, 713. Deming, Col., Henry, appointment of, 299-300; reference to, 386; insulted by New Orleans wom64; captured, 664; succeeds General Ord at Fort Harrison, 734. Heidseick, Charles, acts as spy, 391. Hendricks, at Chicago National Convention, 982. Hersey, James, teacher at Deerfield, 49-50. Herald, New York, Grant in, 863. Heywood,
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