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June 8th, 1861 AD (search for this): article 4
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.Military matters — a suggestion, &c. Christiansburg, Montgomery Co., Va., June 8th, 1861. Our little county has sent off five companies of volunteers, and two more are nearly organized. Old Montgomery has responded well to the call of the Governor; the almost constant passage of troops along our line of railroad, and the great anxiety we feel about the war, particularly such of us as have sons and other relatives in the field, keeps up a continual excitement. Troops are passing here almost every day; and I would speak of the hospitality of the citizens of our little village in furnishing them with provisions, but the good book says we must not let our left hand know what our right hand does. I may be permitted to say, that those who have come from other States to fight for our institutions, our freedom and our liberty, have not been permitted to pass us unnoticed and without having their wants attended to. We have seen some of