This page is for system administrators. Perseus always provides users the ability to read texts online, which are located on the Collections/Texts page.

Update May 20, 2016: Please note that we consider the source code deprecated and can offer no customized support towards installation. We are working towards a significant site restructuring and will post more updates in the upcoming months.

Update May 27, 2011: A new release of the source code has been added to SourceForge. New texts have also been added to the data. If you want to use the latest source code, you may also want to get the latest data from below.

Perseus' Java Hopper
The source code and much of the content for Perseus' Java Hopper was first released in November 2007, under open source licenses. You will need a Unix-type machine and system administrative experience in order to be able to install Perseus on your own computer.

Source Code - The source code can be downloaded from

Text Files - These are the original XML text files. Download these files if you are generating the data for the hopper yourself. Texts are licensed under the Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0 License

Data - Download these .tar.gz files if you prefer to use the provided database dumps and other generated data.

Perseus' Art & Archaeology Module

The Art & Archaeology data and source code is now included with the Perseus hopper.