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kind sb. (the foll. and the sense ‘sort, species’ are all the S. uses; 1 was common down to about 1600; 3 common in the 17th cent., freq. in S.)
1. natural disposition or character, nature AYL. IV. iii. 60 “thy youth and kind” (=thy youthful nature), Lucr. 1147 “to change their k-s;—of its own kind,” of itself, naturally Tp. II. i. 170; “do his kind,” act according to its nature Ant. V. ii. 263.
2. nature in general or in the abstract, established order of things Mer.V. I. iii. 86 “the deed of kind” ; phr. “by kind,” by nature, naturally All'sW. I. iii. 68, Tit. II. i. 116; “from kind,” contrary to nature Cæs. I. iii. 64.
3. (qualified by a demonstrative or a possessive) manner, way, fashion Gent. III. i. 90 “in their silent kind,” R2 II. iii. 143 “in this kind to come, in braving arms,” Lr. IV. vi. 167 “to use her in that kind.”
4. race, class Tp. V. i. 23 “One of their kind,” Gent. II. iii. 2, MND. IV. i. 125 “bred out of the Spartan kind,” H5 II. i. 80, Troil. V. iv. 15 “that dog of as bad a kind,” Cæs. II. i. 33.
5. family, ancestral stock Per. V. i. 68 “Came of a gentle kind and noble stock.”
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