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large (for S. uses other than those given below the mod. synonyms would for the most part be ‘extensive,’ ‘far-reaching,’ or ‘wide,’ rather than ‘great,’ ‘big’)
1. liberal, generous, bountiful, lavish 2H6 I. i. 112 “whose large style Agrees not with the leanness of his purse,” IV. vii. 76, Lr. I. i. 54 “our largest bounty.”
2. pompous Lr. I. i. 187 “your large speeches.”
3. free, unrestrained Mac. III. iv. 11 “Be in mirth” ; (in a bad sense) licentious, gross Ado II. iii. 217 [206] “ jests,” IV. i. 52, Rom. II. iv. 105 (with play on the literal sense), Ant. III. vi. 93 “large In his abominations.”
4. as sb. John II. i. 101 “This little abstract doth contain that large Which died in Geffrey.”
5. at large, (i) in full size AYL. V. iv. 176 “A land itself at ,” Troil. I. iii. 346 “The baby figure of the giant mass Of things to come at ” ; (ii) at length, in full, fully Gent. III. ii. 61 “you with Silvia may confer at ,” MND. V. i. 153 “At discourse,” H5 I. i. 78 “Which I have open'd to his Grace at ,” 1H6 I. i. 109; (iii) as a whole, in general, altogether LLL. I. i. 154, H5 II. iv. 121 “in grant of all demands at large.”
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