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rank adj. (a common meaning is ‘gross, coarse’ in various applications)
1. coarsely luxuriant H5 V. ii. 45, 50 “Wanting the scythe, all uncorrected, rank,” Ham. III. iv. 152; fig. AYL II. vii. 46, Troil. I. iii. 318 “the seeded pride That hath to this maturity blown up In rank Achilles” ; (hence) high or excessive in amount AYL. IV. i. 87, Ham. IV. iv. 22 “A ranker rate.”
2. puffed up, swollen, grossly fat Cæs. III. i. 152 “Who else must be let blood, who else is rank” ; fig. exuberant, over-full 2H4 IV. i. 64, Sonn. cxviii. 12.
3. copious, full Ven. 71 “a river that is rank.”
4. of offensively strong smell, rancid Tw.N. II. v. 138 “as rank as a fox,” Ant. V. ii. 211; fig. Ham. III. iii. 36 “O! my offence is rank, it smells to heaven.”
5. lustful, in heat Mer.V. I. iii. 81; lascivious Oth. II. i. 318, Cym. II. v. 24 “rank thoughts.”
6. corrupt, foul 2H4 III. i. 39 “ diseases,” Ham. III. iv. 148 “rank corruption.”
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