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Accursed (dissyll.) or Accurst (cf. Cursed and Curst), 1) cursed, doomed to misery: “O time most a.” Gent. V, 4, 71. “a. be he that seeks to make them foes,” H6C I, 1, 205. “thou art the cause, and most a. effect,” R3 I, 2, 120. IV, 1, 72. Tit. IV, 2, 79. Rom. IV, 5, 43. Tim. IV, 3, 34. Mcb. III, 6, 49. IV, 3, 107. Cymb. V, 5, 154.
2) unhappy, miserable: “the more am I a.” Ven. 1120. “how a. in being so blest,” Wint. II, 1, 38. “most a. am I to be enjoined to this,” III, 3, 52. “O thoughts of men a.! past and to come seems best, things present worst,” H4B I, 3, 107. H5 IV, 3, 65. H6A V, 2, 18. Tim. IV, 2, 42. Hml. III, 2, 189.
Only twice occurring in prose: “security enough to make fellowships a.” Meas. III, 2, 242. “I am a. to rob in that thief's company,” H4A II, 2, 10 (it is my ill luck to etc.)
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