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Eager, 1) sharp, sour, acid: “with e. compounds we our palate urge,” Sonn. 118, 2. “like e. droppings into milk,” Hml. I, 5, 69.
2) keen, biting: “a nipping and an e. air,” Hml. I, 4, 2.
3) full of asperity, bitter: “the bitter clamour of two e. tongues,” R2 I, 1, 49. “vex him with e. words,” H6C II, 6, 68.
4) impetuous, vehement: “conceit and grief an e. combat fight,” Lucr. 1298. “what shrill-voiced suppliant makes this e. cry?” R2 V, 3, 75. “hunger will enforce them to be more e.” H6A I, 2, 38. “my followers to the e. foe turn back,” H6C I, 4, 3.
5) ardently desirous: “gazed for tidings in my e. eyes,” Lucr. 254. “with e. feeding food doth choke the feeder,” R2 II, 1, 37.
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