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Game, subst. 1) sport of any kind: “mocking intended g.” LLL V, 2, 155. “pleasant g.” LLL V, 2, 155 “as waggish boys in g. themselves forswear,” Mids. I, 1, 240.
2) a match at play: “lost at a g. of tick-tack,” Meas. I, 2, 196. “seest a g. played home, the rich stake drawn,” Wint. I, 2, 248. so thrive it (foul play) “in your g.” John IV, 2, 95. “the best cards for the g.” V, 2, 105. “play at subtle --s,” Troil. IV, 4, 89. “the bull has the g.” V, 7, 12. “the g. was ne'er so fair,” Rom. I, 4, 39. “play at that g.” Tim. I, 2, 12. “at g.” Hml. III, 3, 91 (Ff gaming). “every way makes my g.” Oth. V, 1, 14 (Ff gain). “play with him at any g.” Ant. II, 3, 25.
3) amorous sport, gallantry: “daughters of the g.” Troil. IV, 5, 63. “full of g.” Oth. II, 3, 19. Quibbling: “he knows the g.: how true he keeps the wind,” H6C III, 2, 14. cf. Troil. V, 7, 12.
4) field sport, the chase: “the gentles are at their g.” LLL IV, 2, 172. “under the colour of his usual g.” H6C IV, 5, 11.
5) a solemn contest exhibited to the people in antiquity: “at the Olympian --s,” H6C II, 3, 53. “the --s are done,” Caes. I, 2, 178.
6) the animal pursued in the chase: “the g. is afoot,” H4A I, 3, 278. H5 III, 1, 32. “the g. is roused,” Cymb. III, 3, 98. “the g. is up,” Cymb. III, 3, 98 “that way goes the g.” Mids. III, 2, 289 (== this it is you aim at). “this way lies the g.” H6C IV, 5, 14. “follow where the g. makes way,” Tit. II, 2, 23. “followed the sugared g. before thee,” Tim. IV, 3, 259. In Wiv. II, 3, 93 O. Edd. cried game, M. Edd. cried I aim, perhaps wrongly, for the bantering host may well have modified the common phrase by way of telling Doctor Caius, "which way his game lay."
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