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ὅπου , Ion. ὅκου , Relat., indirect interrog., and indef. Adv. of Place, correlat. to ποῦ:
I. as a Relat., sts. c. gen. loci, “τῆς πόλεως ὅπου κάλλιστον στρατοπεδεύσασθαιPl.R.415d, cf. Hdt.2.172 ; “ὅπου βούλοιτο τοῦ δρόμουX.HG2.4.27 ; “ἔσθ᾽ ὅπουin some places, A.Eu.517 (lyr.), Fr.302 : standing for the Relat. Adj., μέλη, ὅπου (i. e. ἐν οἷς) “χελιδὼν ἦν τις ἐμπεποιημένηAr.Av.1301 : with other Particles, “ὅκου δήsomewhere or other, Hdt.3.129 ; ὅπου ἄν wherever, with subj., IG 12.76.11, etc.; in Trag. the ἄν may be omitted, as ὅπου δ᾽ Ἀπόλλων σκαιὸς , τίνες σοφοί; E.El.972, etc. (never in Att. Prose): c. gen., “ὅπου ἂν τύχῃ τῶν λεγομένωνPl.Prt.342e ; “ὁπουοῦνanywheresoever, Id.Cra.403c ; ὅπουπερ c. opt., wherever, X.Cyr.3.3.5 ; “ὅπου ποτέS.OC 12 ; ὁπουδάν, = ὅπου δὲ ἄν, anywhere, D.C.Fr.109.21 ; ὁπουδήποτε, = ubicumque, Dosith.p.410 K. ; “ὁπουδηποτοῦνanywheresoever, J.Ap. 2.15.
2. in indirect questions, “ὄφρα πύθηαι πατρός, ὅπου κύθε γαῖαOd.3.16, cf. 16.306, S.OT924, etc.: with Verbs of motion in pregnant sense, “ὅκου ἐτράπετο, οὐκέτι εἶχον εἰπεῖνHdt.2.119 ; “κεῖνος δ᾽ ὅπου βέβηκεν, οὐδεὶς οἶδεS.Tr.40, v.l. in X.Cyr.3.1.37, etc.: in many passages editors have in this sense restd. ὅποι, mostly from codd. ; in repeating a question, Λακεδαίμων ποῦ 'στιν; Answ. ὅπου 'στίν; (do you ask) where it is? Ar.Nu.214 : c. gen., “εἰδότες ὅκου γῆς εἴηHdt.4.150, cf. Pl.R.403e.
II. the strict local sense occasionally passes into,
1. a sense involving Time or Occasion, “. τιν᾽ ἴδῃThgn.922, cf. 999, X.HG3.3.6 ; “σιγᾶν θ᾽ . δεῖ καὶ λέγειν τὰ καίριαA.Ch.582, cf. Eu.277 ; οὐκ ἔσθ᾽ . there is no case in which, i.e. in no case. S.OT448, Aj.1069, E.HF186, D.3.35 ; so ἔστιν .; as a question, Id.18.22.
2. of Cause, whereas, Hdt.1.68, 4.195, Antipho 1.7; “. γὰρ ἐγὼ . . ὁμολογῶD.21.205 ; ὅκου γε, Lat. quandoquidem or quippe, Hdt.7.118 ; “ὅπου γεX.Cyr.2.3.11, etc.
B. later as a demonstr. Adv., only in the phrase . μέν . . , . δέ . . here . . , there . . , Plu.2.427c, S.E.P.1.53, etc.
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