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εἶδος , εος, τό, (εἴδω A)
c. Medic., physique, habit of body, constitution, Hp.Nat.Hom.9, Hum.1: more freq. in pl., Id.Aër.3, al.; εἴδεα εὔχροά τε καὶ ἀνθηρά ib.5.
2. generally, shape, “σχῆμα καὶ εἶδοςId.Off.3, cf. Mochl.6, etc.; pattern, of 'figurate' numbers, Arist. Ph.203a15; “ μονὰς εἶδος εἰδῶν τυγχάνειTheol.Ar.4, cf. 17; decorative pattern or figure, Plu. Them.29 (pl.); of a musical scale, “τοῦ διὰ τεσσάρων τρία εἰδηAristox.Harm.p.74 M. (identified with σχῆμα, ibid.): in pl., shapes, i.e. various kinds of atoms (cf. ἰδέα), Democr. ap. Thphr. Sens.51.
b. Geom., δύο εἴδη τῷ εἴδει δεδομένα two figures given in species, Euc.Dat.53, etc.; esp. in central conics, rectangle formed by a transverse diameter and the corresponding parameter, Apollon.Perg. Con.1.14,21, al.; also, species of numbers, of the terms in an algebraical expression involving different powers of the unknown quantity, Dioph.Def.11.
II. form, kind, or nature, “τῶν ἀλλέων παιγνιέων τὰ εἴδεαHdt.1.94; “τὸ εἶ. τῆς νόσουTh.2.50, etc.; ἐν ἁρμονίας εἴδει εἶναι, γενέσθαι, to be or become like . . , Pl.Phd.91d, cf. Cra.394d; ὡς ἐν φαρμάκου εἴδει by way of medicine, Id.R.389b; νόμων ἔχει εἶδος is in the province of law, Arist.Pol.1286a3; situation, state of things, “σκέψασθε ἐν οἵῳ εἴδει . . τοῦτο ἔπραξανTh.3.62; plan of action, policy, “ἐπὶ εἶδος τρέπεσθαιId.6.77, 8.56; ἐπ᾽ ἄλλ᾽ εἶδος τρέπεσθαι take up another line, Ar.Pl.317; specific notion, meaning, idea, “ἂν παρέχῃ τὸ ἓν εἶ. δύο ὀνόματα . . , περὶ ἑνὸς εἴδεος δύο ὀνόματα οὐ τὰ αὐτάAen.Tact.24.1; department, Hp.VM12 (but also, elementary nature or quality, ib. 15); type, sort, “πυρετῶνId.Epid.3.12; “αὐγῆςId.Off.3, etc.: Rhet., style of writing, “τὰ εἴδη τῶν λόγωνIsoc.13.17, cf. Arist.Rh.Al. 1441b9 (pl.); later, definite literary form, Men.Rh.init., Procl.Chrest. p.243 W., EM295.52; also, example of a style, “ὅλοις εἴδεσιIsoc.15.74; later, single poem, applied to Pindar's odes by Sch.; also, written statement, “ἀναγνωσθέντος εἴδουςPAmh.2.65.11 (ii A.D.), cf. PTeb.287.12 (ii A.D.).
2. = ἰδέα 11.2, Pl.Phd.103e, R.596a, Prm.132a, al., Arist.Metaph.990b9, al., etc.
3. form, opp. matter (ὕλη), Id.Ph.187a18, al., Metaph.1029a29: hence, formal cause, essence, ib.1032b1, etc.
IV. in later Gr., wares of different kinds, goods, POxy.109.1 (iii/iv A.D.), PFay.34.7 (ii A.D.): hence, payments in kind, opp. χρυσίον, Just.Nov.17.8, cf. Cod.Just.1.4.18, al.; spices, Lyd.Mag.3.61; groceries, Max.p.120 L.; εἶ. ἰατρικόν drug, Hsch. s.v. νίτρον, cf. Hippiatr.129.54 and v. ἑξάειδος, τετράειδος, τρίειδος; of a chemical reagent, Zos.Alch.p.205 B.
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