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κραίνω , Od.19.567: fut.
A.κρα^νέωEmp.111.2; Att. contr. “κρα^νῶA.Ch. 1075, E. Supp.375 [κρα_νῶ in compd. “ἐπικρα_νεῖA.Ag.1340 codd., nisi leg. -κράνῃ vel -κραίνει]: aor. ἔκρα_να ib.369; Ep. and Ion. ἔκρηνα, inf. κρῆναι, Od.5.170, Herod.7.69 (dub.):—Med., fut. inf. in pass. sense “κρα^νέεσθαιIl.9.626: aor. “ἐπ-εκρήναντοQ.S.14.297:—Pass., fut. “κρανθήσομαιA.Pr.911: aor. “ἐκράνθηνPi.P.4.175, E.Hec.219: κέκρανται 3sg. pf. Pass., A.Supp.943, also 3pl., E.Hipp. 1255 (sed leg. συμφορά).—Hom. (v. infr.) mostly uses the Ep. pres. κραιαίνω, impf. ἐκραίαινεν, aor. imper. κρήηνον, κρηήνατε, inf. κρηῆναι: 3sg. pf. Pass. “ἐπι-κεκράανταιOd.4.616: plpf. ἐπι-κεκράαντο ib.132: aor. “ἐκρα_άνθηνTheoc.25.196. (Orig. κρα_αίνω ἐκράαινεν has Ms. authority in Il.5.508, ἐπεκράαινε in 2.419, ἐπεκράανε in 3.302; cf. “κράανον: τέλεσονHsch., ἐπικραᾶναι: τῇ κεφαλῇ ἐπινεῦσαι, τελέσαι Id.), contr. κραίνω, κρῆναι, etc. and by distraction κραιαίνω, κρηῆναι, etc.: κρα_αίνω from κρα_ς -ṇ-yω κάρα, κράατα) = κεφαλαιόω 'achieve'.):—poet. Verb, accomplish, fulfil, “τόδε μοι κρήηνον ἐέλδωρIl.1.41, 504, cf. Od.17.242; οἵ μευ φέρτεροί εἰσι νοῆσαί τε κρῆναί τε better than I both to conceive and accomplish, 5.170; “κρῆνον νῦν καὶ ἐμοὶ . . ἔπος ὅττι κεν εἴπω20.115; καί τε κραίνουσιν ἕκαστα, of the Thriae, h.Merc.559; “ἐπεὶ μούνῳ σοι ἐγὼ κρανέω τάδε πάνταEmp. l. c.; μαντεύματα κ. give true oracles, E.Ion 464 (lyr.); “δίκας θνατοῖσι κραίνωνB.12.45; “τοῦ δ᾽ ἐκραίαινεν ἐφετμάςIl.5.508, cf. Pi.O.3.11; οἵ ῥ᾽ ἔτυμα κραίνουσι those dreams come true, Od.19.567; freq. in A., esp. of Fate, as Pr.512, al., cf. S.OC914, Tr. 127 (lyr.), etc.:—Pass., with fut. Med., to be accomplished, brought to pass, “οὐ γάρ μοι δοκέει μύθοιο τελευτὴ τῇδέ γ᾽ ὁδῷ κρανέεσθαιIl. 9.626; “πατρὸς δ᾽ ἀρὰ . . τότ᾽ ἤδη παντελῶς κρανθήσεταιA.Pr.911, cf. 213; κέκρανται ψῆφος the vote hath been cast, Id.Supp.943; “ψῆφος κρανθεῖσαE.Hec.219; “λάχη τάδ᾽ ἐφ᾽ ἁμὶν ἐκράνθηA.Eu.347 (lyr.):— for the phrase ἐπὶ χείλεα κεκράαντο, v. ἐπικραίνω; of a person, ἐκράνθην I was perfected (Sch. ἐπετελέσθην), Pi.Pae.9.34.
2. ordain, A.Ag.369 (lyr.), E.El.1248, Supp.139.
II. = τιμᾶν, Hsch.; so perh. in h.Merc.427 κραίνων ἀθανάτους τε θεοὺς καὶ γαῖαν ἐρεμνήν, ὡς ἐγένοντο (less prob. finishing [the tale of] the gods and earth, how they were made).
III. abs., exercise sway, reign, “δώδεκα γὰρ κατὰ δῆμον . . ἀρχοὶ κραίνουσιOd.8.391: c. acc. cogn., κ. σκῆπτρα sway the staff of rule, S.OC449; “θέμισταςOrph.A.1297.
2. after Hom., c. gen., reign over, govern, στρατοῦ, τῆς χώρας, τῆσδε γῆς, χθονός, S. Aj.1050, OC296, 862, 926: in later Ep. c. dat., Orph. A.475: c. acc., “κ. Διὸς οἴκουςIG14.433 (Tauromenium); ἐπὶ σπλῆνα κ., of a vein, dominate, Aret.CA2.2, cf. CD1.2.
IV. intr., come to an end, result in a thing, ποῖ δῆτα κρανεῖ; A.Ch.1075 (anap.); of disease, culminate, be at its worst, Aret.SD2.8, CA1.1.
2. Medic., of bones, etc., terminate, “ὅπῃ κραίνουσιHp.Art.45, cf. Aret.SD1.7, 8; extend, “ἀπὸ ἥπατος ἐς νεφρούςId.CA2.6.
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