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μάκαρ [v. infr.], α^ρος, , also μάκαρς Alcm.10, 11; μάκαρ as fem., E.Hel.375, Ba.565, Ar.Av.1722, Eub.104 (all lyr.), Orac. ap. D.S.8 Fr. 29, AP12.52 (Mel.), but usu. fem.
A.μάκαιραh.Ap.14, Alcm.37, Sapph. 1.13, Pi.P.5.11, E.Alc.1003 (lyr.), etc.; Boeot. “μάκηραCorinn.Supp. 1.15: with neut. Nouns in oblique cases, “μακάρων ἐξ ἐτέωνAP9.424 (Duris); “μακάρων τεκέωνNonn.D.21.263. [μα^κα_ρ Archil.Supp.3.5, Sol.14, Diph.126.6 (mock-Epic), elsewh. μα^κα^ρ Il.3.182, etc.]:— blessed, happy, prop. epith. of the gods, as opp. mortal men, “πρός τε θεῶν μ. πρός τε θνητῶν ἀνθρώπωνIl.1.339: abs., μάκαρες the blessed ones, “μακάρων μέγαν ὅρκον ὀμόσσαιOd.10.299, cf. Hes.Op.136, Sol.13.3, Pi.O.1.52, A.Supp.1019 (lyr.); “μ. χθόνιοιId.Ch.476 (lyr.); “οὐράνιοι μ.E.HF758 (lyr.); μ. ὀλίζονες lesser gods, Call.Jov.72.—In this sense always in pl., exc. in addressing single gods, as h.Hom.8.16, Sapph.l.c., Corinn.l.c., S.Ph.400 (lyr.), etc.: freq. in Inscrr., “μ. ΠαιάνIG14.1015; μάκαιρα, of Persephone, ib.12(5).229 (Paros).
II. of men, blest, fortunate, “ μάκαρ ἈτρεΐδηIl.3.182, cf. 24.377, Thgn.1013, Pi.P.4.59, etc.; μάκαιρα Θήβα, ἑστία, etc., Id.I.7(6).1, P.5.11, etc.; esp. wealthy, “ἀνδρὸς μάκαρος κατ᾽ ἄρουρανIl.11.68, cf. Od.1.217.
III. esp. μάκαρες, οἱ, the blessed dead, “μ. θνητοῖς καλέονταιHes.Op.141; μακάρων νῆσοι the Islands of the Blest, ib.171; of an oasis in the African desert, Hdt.3.26: sg., “μ. νᾶσοςPi.O.2.71; “ἀπιὼν εἰς μακάρων δή τινας εὐδαιμονίαςPl.Phd.115d, cf. Grg.523b, R.519c, al.—This sense does not occur in Hom., and is the only usage found in Prose, μακάριος being the common form.
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