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μερίζω , Dor. μερι^δαρχ-ίσδω , Bion 2.31: Att. fut. -ιῶ Pl.Prm.131c: aor.
A.ἐμέρισαNicom.Com.1.27; Dor. part. “μερίξαςTi.Locr.99d: pf. “μεμέρικαD.H.Pomp.4:—Med., fut. -ίσομαι Sopat. in Rh.8.306 W., -ιοῦμαι LXX Pr.14.18: aor. “ἐμερισάμηνIs.9.24, etc.: pf. “μεμέρισμαιD.47.34 (v.l. νενέμημαι):—Pass., fut. “μεριοῦμαιArist.PA664a27, “μερισθήσομαιPlot.4.3.8, 6.4.4: aor. “ἐμερίσθηνPl.Ti.56d, etc.: pf. “μεμέρισμαιId.Prm.144b, D.15.5, etc.: (μερίς):—divide, distribute, Pl. Prm.131c; “μ. τὸ ἄπειρονArist.Ph.204a34; “μ. [ἀρχήν] τινα εἰς πλείουςId.Pol.1321b37; καθ᾽ ἕκαστον εἶδος πολιτείας μ. make a division, ib. 1304b19: abs., split up the amount, ib.1268b15: Arith., μ. τι παρά τι, εἴς τι, divide by . . , Dioph.4.33,34, al.: abs., Gal.5.223.
2. assign a part, allot, “ἐφ᾽ ἕκαστον μ. τὸ φιλεῖνArist.MM1213b5; μ. τοὺς τόκους πρὸς τὸν πλοῦν allot the interest according to the voyage, i.e. pay only a part of it, if a part only of the voyage has been performed, D.56.49; allot, assign spheres of duty, τινι PHamb.24.6 (Pass.); apportion, allocate funds, IG22.29.18, al., SIG577.22 (Milet., iii/ii B.C.) (Pass., IG22.1672.116,al.); “τὸ μὲν εἰς δαπάνην, τὸ δ᾽ εἰς θησαυρισμόνPhld.Oec.p.71 J., cf. Sto.339.15, Metrod.Herc.831.13; bestow, POxy. 713.29 (i A.D.), etc.; κατὰ τόπους μ. τὰς ἀναγραφάς divide, arrange them, D.H.Th.9; μ. τινὰ τοῖς ποιηταῖς, i. e. make one a theme for several tragedies, Him.Ecl.4.18:—Pass., to be delivered over, εἰς ὕβριν καὶ δουλείαν Chor.p.216 B.
3. sever, cut off, “πελέκει χεῖραHim.Or. 2.21.
II. Med., μερίζεσθαί τι divide among themselves, “χρήματαDin.1.10, cf. Theoc.21.31; “τι μετά τινοςD.34.18; “πρός τινα τὴν ἀρχήνHdn.3.10.6; take possession of, τι D.34.35; ἠρόμην αὐτὸν πότερα μεμερισμένος εἴη πρὸς τὸν ἀδελφόν whether he had gone shares with his brother, Id.47.34.
2. c. gen. rei, get a portion of, Is.9.24.
2. to be dispersed, “ὕδωρ ὑπὸ πυρὸς μερισθένPl.Ti.56d; to be split up, “ἄνθρωπος πληγῇ τινι μεριζόμενοςDemocr.32: metaph., have divided interests, disperse one's energy, Chor.p.11 B.; also, to be split into parties or factions, Plb.8.21.9, App.BC1.1, Hdn.3.10.4; μεμέρισται Χριστός; 1 Ep.Cor.1.13.
3. to be reckoned as part, “ἐν τῇ ἀρχῇ τινος μ.D.15.5.
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