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dētestātĭo , ōnis, f. id..
I. In relig. lang.
A. Execration, cursing, detestation, Liv. 10, 38; Hor. Epod. 5, 89; Sen. Ep. 117 med.; Gell. 2, 6, 3; Vulg. Dan. 9, 11. —
B. A keeping off, averting, Plin. 15, 30, 40, § 135: “scelerum,Cic. Dom. 55, 140.—
II. In judicial lang., a formal renunciation under oath: “detestatio est denuntiatio facta cum testatione,Dig. 50, 16, 40; cf. detestor, no. II.—So detestatio sacrorum, the solemn renunciation of the family sacred rites, and thereby of the gens itself, which in arrogatio was made by the son, Gell. 15, 27, 3; cf.: “Liber (Servii Sulpicii) de sacris detestandis,id. 6, 12, 1.
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