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dŏmĭnĭum , ii, n. id..
I. (Acc. to dominus, II. B. 1.) A feast, banquet (very rare): dominia convivia, Lucil. ap. Non. 281, 25 (with sodalitia); * Cic. Verr. 2, 3, 4 Zumpt N. cr.; S. C. ap. Gell. 2, 24, 2.—
II. Jurid. t. t., property, right of ownership (absolute ownership, opp. possessio, cf. Sandars, Just. Inst. Introd. p. 47); esp. paramount ownership, eminent domain: “in eo solo dominium Populi Romani est vel Caesaris: nos autem possessionem tantum habere videmur,Gai. Inst. 2, 7: “dominium et jus eorum qui dederint esse,Liv. 45, 13, 15 (cf.: “jus et imperium,Sall. J. 14, 1); Gai. Inst. 1, 54; 2, 40; Cod. Just. 2, 3, 20; Val. Max. 4, 4 init.; cf. Rein's Privatr. p. 129 sq.—
B. Lordship, rule (eccl. Lat.), Vulg. Tobiae, 8, 24; 1 Mac. 11, 8.—
C. Concr., lord, master.Trop.: “incertissima dominia,Sen. Vit. Beat. 5.
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