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jŭgŭlum , i, n., and jŭgŭlus , i, m. jug, jungo,
I.the collar-bone, which joins together the shoulders and the breast, Cels. 8, 1, § 70: “uni homini juguli, humeri: ceteris armi,Plin. 11, 43, 98, § 243.—
II. Transf., hence, the hollow part of the neck above the collar-bone: “quod jugula concava non haberet,Cic. Fat. 5, 10.—
B. The throat: “jugulum perfodere,Tac. A. 3, 15: “resolvere,Ov. M. 1, 227: “recludere stricto ense,id. ib. 7, 285: “tenui jugulos aperire susurro,Juv. 4, 110: “demittere gladium in jugulum,Plaut. Merc. 3, 4, 28: dare or praebere, to present the throat, sc. to be cut, as was done by conquered gladiators, Cic. Mil. 11: “offerre alicui,Tac. H. 1, 41: “porrigere,Hor. S. 1, 3, 89.—
III. Trop.
A. A slaughter, murder: “Electrae jugulo se polluere,Juv. 8, 218.—
B. Petere, to aim at the throat, i. e. to attack the main point of one's argument, Quint. 8, 6, 51: “jugulum causae premere,Plin. Ep. 1, 20, 14.
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