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lĕpor and lĕpos , ōris, m. perh. root lamp-; Gr. λάμπω, λαμπρός; cf. Lat. limpidus, lanterna,
I.pleasantness, agreeableness, attractiveness, charm.
II. In partic.
A. Of behavior, pleasantness, grace, politeness, amiability: “affluens omni lepore ac venustate,Cic. Verr. 2, 5, 54, § 142: “in quo mihi videtur specimen fuisse humanitatis, salis, suavitatis, leporis,id. Tusc. 5, 19, 55. —
B. As a term of endearment, = blanditiae, my delight, charmer: “respice, o mi lepos,Plaut. Cas. 2, 3, 19; id. Curc. 1, 2, 4.—
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