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lībertus , a, um, adj. = liberatus, from libero,
I.made free, set free, only as subst., one made free, a freedman, an emancipated person (so called in reference to the manumitter; cf. libertinus, II., and on the several classes of freedmen, v. Sanders ad Just. Inst. 1, 5, 3).
I. Lit.
B. In fem.: -berta , ae (dat. and abl. libertis, Tac. A. 12, 53; Plin. Ep. 10, 4, 2), a freedwoman: “jam libertā auctus es?Plaut. Pers. 4, 3, 15: “tua,id. ib. 4, 8, 7: “mea,id. Ep. 3, 4, 29: “matris meae liberta,Suet. Claud. 40: “Anto niae liberta,id. Vesp. 3: “si neque ipsa patrona neque liberta capite deminuta sit,Gai. Inst. 3, § 51: “libertis libertabusque meis,Dig. 50, 16, 105; “so esp. freq. in inscriptions: LIBERTIS LIBERTABVSQVE POSTERISQVE EORVM, etc.,Inscr. Orell. 3006; 3026 sq.—
II. Transf., in gen., a freedman, without reference to the manumitter; “for the usual libertinus (only in late Lat.): de libertis et eorum liberis,Cod. Just. 6, 7 (for which: “de libertinis,Just. Inst. 1, 5; Cod. Just. 10, 56).
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