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mŏdestĭa , ae, f. modestus,
I.moderateness, moderation; esp. in one's behavior, unassuming conduct, modesty (opp. immodestia, superbia, licentia; class.).
II. In partic.
1. Shame, shamefacedness, modesty: “et sententiarum et compositionis et vocis et vultūs modestia,Quint. 4, 1, 55: virginalis, Pac. ap. Cic. Div. 1, 31, 66; cf.: “primaeque modestia culpae Confundit vultus,Stat. Th. 2, 232; poet.: vacui lecti, i. e. (chaste) celibacy, id. Silv. 1, 2, 162.—
2. Sense of honor, honor, dignity: “neque sumptui, neque modestiae suae parcere,Sall. C. 14, 6.—
C. As a transl. of the Gr. εὐταξία, in the lang. of the Stoics, the quality of saying and doing everything in the proper place and at the proper time, correctness of conduct, propriety: sic fit, ut modestia haec, quam ita interpretamur, ut dixi, scientia sit opportunitatis idoneo rum ad agendum temporum, Cic. Off. 1, 40, 142 (v. the entire context).—
D. (Post-Aug)
1. Of the weather, mildness: “hiemis,Tac. A. 12, 43 (cf.: “clementia hiemis,Col. 5, 5, 6).—
2. Of the course of a stream, gentleness: “aquarum modestia,gentle course, Plin. 6, 20, 23, § 71.
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