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mallĕŏlus , i, m. dim. malleus,
I.a small hammer or mallet.
II. Transf.
B. In milit. lang., a kind of fire-dart, Amm. 23, 4, 14; cf. Paul. ex Fest. p. 135 Müll.: “malleoli, manipuli spartei pice contecti, qui incensi aut in muros aut in testudines jaciuntur,Non. 556, 11 sq.: partim malleolos, partim fasces sarmentorum incensos supra vallum, etc., Sisenn. ap. Non. 556, 13: “malleolos et faces ad inflammandam urbem comparare,Cic. Cat. 1, 13, 32; cf. id. Mil. 24, 64: faces taedamque et malleolos stupae illitos pice parari jubet, Liv 42, 64, 3; cf. id. 38, 6, 2. —
C. The tongue of a shoe-buckle: “malleoli ossei vel aerei,Isid. 19, 34, 10.
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