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occurso , āvi, ātum, 1,
I.v. freq. n. [occurro], to run, go, or come to meet; to meet (not in Cic.).
I. Lit.
B. In partic.
1. To rush against or upon, to attack, charge; to strive against, oppose: “occursat ocius gladio,Caes. B. G. 5, 44: “inter invidos, occursantes, factiosos,opposing, Sall. J. 85, 3: “fortissimus quisque et promptissimus ad occursandum pugnandumque,Gell. 3, 7, 6. —
2. To come to or towards: “quid tu huc occursas,Plaut. Truc. 2, 2, 27.—
II. Trop.
A. To be beforehand with, to anticipate: “fortunae,Plin. Pan. 25, 5.—
B. To appear before, present one's self to: “numinibus,Plin. Pan. 81, 1.—
2. Esp., to appear to the mind; to suggest itself, enter the thoughts, occur to one; with or without animo; also with acc. of the person: “occursant animo scripta,Plin. Ep. 5, 5, 7: “occursant verba,id. ib. 2, 3, 2: “me occursant multae, meminisse hau possum,occur to me, Plaut. Mil. 4, 2, 56.
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