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Orcus , i, m. kindr. with ἕρκος and the Lat. urgeo: “Orcum quem dicimus, ait Verrius ab antiquis dictum uragum,Fest. p. 202 Müll.—Hence, prop., that which impels, constrains, confines.
I.the Lower World, the abode of the dead, Orcus: Acherunsia templa alta Orci, salvete infera, Enn. ap. Varr. L. L. 7, § 6 Müll. (Trag. v. 107 Vahl.); Lucr. 1, 115; 6, 762: “Minos sedet arbiter Orci,Prop. 4, 18, 27; Verg. A. 6, 273. —
II. Transf.
B. Death (mostly poet.): “horriferis accibant vocibus Orcum,Lucr. 5, 996; Hor. Ep. 2, 2, 178: “Orcum morari,to hesitate to die, id. C. 3, 27, 50: “rapacis Orci fine destinatā,id. ib. 2, 18, 30: cum Orco rationem habere, to risk one's life, Varr. R. R. 1, 4: “janua haec Orci,Plaut. Bacch. 3, 1, 1.
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