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Aufi'dius Chius

a jurist.


He is known only from the so-called Vaticana Fragmenta.

In Vat. Frag. § 77, an opinion of Atilicinus is cited from Aufidius Chius; hence it is plain that this Aufidius could be neither Namusa nor Tucca, the disciples of Servius, for they lived long before Atilicinus. The Chian may possibly be identified with Titus or Titus Aufidius, who was consul under Hadrian, and is mentioned in the preamble of a senatusconsultum which is cited in Dig. 5. tit. 3. s. 20 [22]. § 6.


This was first published by Mai in 1823 along with fragments of Symmachus and other newly-discovered remains of antiquity.

Further Information

Bruns, Quid conferant Vaticana Fragmenta ad melius cognoscendum jus Romanum, p. 16, Tubingae, 1842.


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