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3. One of the two leaders of the popular party at Carthage after the close of the second Punie war. He held an office which Appian calls boetharchus, and which seems to have been a sort of tribuneship; and while in his official capacity he was travelling through the country, he attacked some of the subjects of Masinissa, who had pitched their tents on controverted ground. He killed several of them, made some booty, and excited the Africans against the Numidians. These and other acts of hostility between the Carthaginians and Masinissa called for the interference of the Romans, who however rather fostered the hostile feeling, than allayed it. The result was an open war between the Carthaginians and Masinissa. When at length the Romans began to make preparations for the third Punic war, the Carthaginians endeavoured to conciliate the Romans by condemning to death the authors of the war with Masinissa; and Carthalo was accordingly executed. (Appian, de Bell. Pun. 63, 74.)


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