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*Xqo/nios) has the same meaning as Chthonia, and is therefore applied to the gods of the lower world, or the shades (Hom. Il. 9.457; Hesiod. Op. 435; Orph. Hymn. 17. 3, 69. 2, Argon. 973), and to beings that are considered as earth-born. (Apollod. 3.4.1; Apollon. 4.1398.) It is also used in the sense of "gods of the land," or "native divinities." (Apollon. 4.1322.) There are also several mythical personages of the name of Chthonius. (Apollod. 2.1.5, 3.4. §§ 1, 5; Ov. Met. 12.441; Diod. 5.53; Paus. 9.5. § ]; Hyg. Fab. 178.)


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