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8. Described as a MONK and PRESBYTER.

When he lived is not known : it is conjectured that it was in the twelfth century, as he mentions Joannes of Thessalonica and Andreas of Crete (who lived near the end of the seventh century) among " the fathers," and is himself quoted by Nicephorus Callisti (Eccles. Hist. 2.23) in the earlier half of the fourteenth century.


Life of the Virgin

Allatius (de Symeonum Scriptis, p. 106) gives an account of and extract from a life of the Virgin by this Epiphanius, which extract is also given by Fabricius, in his Codex Apocryph. N. T.


The entire work has since been published in the Anecdoto Literaria of Amadutius (vol. iii. p. 39, &c.) with a Latin version and introduction.

a History of the Life and acts of St. Andrew the Apostle

He wrote also a History of the Life and acts of St. Andrew the Apostle (Allatius, de Symeon. p. 90).

an account of Jerusalem and of parts of Syria

He is probably the author of an account of Jerusalem and of parts of Syria (by " Epiphanius Hagiopolita," i. e. inhabitant of the Holy City), which he describes as an eye-witness.


This account was published, with a Latin version, by Fed. Morellus, in his Expositio Thematum, Paris, 1620, and again by Allatius, in his Σύμμικτα.

It may be observed, that Morellus published two editions of the Expositio Thematum in the above year, one without the Greek text of Epiphanius, and one with it.

Other Works

A MS. in the Bodleian Library (Barocc. cxlii. No. 20) is described as containing " Epiphanii Monachi et Presbyteri Character B. Virginis et Domini Nostri" (a different work from that mentioned above); and " ejusdem, ut videtur, de Dissidione Quatuor Exangelistarum circa Resurrectionem Christi." (Catal. MSS. Angl. et Hibern. Oxford, 1697.)

Confusion with another Epiphanius

Some have confounded him with Epiphanius the friend and disciple of St. Andreas the fool, noticed above, No. 6.

Further Information

Oudin, Comment. de Scriptor. et Scriptis Eccles vol. ii. pp. 455-6.

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