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a poet of the Greek Anthology, whose epigrams are variously inscribed in the Palatine MS., Γαιτουλίου, Γαιτουλίκου, Γαιτουλίχου, Γαιτούλλου, Γαιτουλικίου, and in the Planudean Anthology, Γετουλίου. The Anthology contains nine pleasing epigrams by him on various subjects (Brunck, Anal. vol. ii. p. 166; Jacobs, Anth. Graec. vol. ii. p. 151.) Several scholars have identified him with Cn. Lentulus Gaetulicus, the Roman historical writer and poet, under Tiberius [LENTULUS]. For this there is no authority except the name, and an objection arises from the fact that the Greek epigrams of Gaetulicus are quite free from the licentious character which Martial (i. Praef.; Plin. Ep. 5.3.5) and Sidonius Apollinaris (Epist. 2.10, p. 148; Carm. ix. p. 256) agree in attributing to the verses of the Roman poet. (Jacobs, Anth. Graec. vol. xiii. p. 896; Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. iv. pp. 475, 476.)


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