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of Sicyon, statuary, was the brother of Lysippus, with whom he is placed by Pliny at the 114th Olympiad (H. N. 34.8. s. 19.) He devoted himself entirely to the making of portraits, and, if we may believe Pliny, his portraits were nothing more than exact likenesses, without any ideal beauty. (Hic et similitudinem reddere instituit: ante eum quam pulcherrimas facere studebant.) He was the first who took a cast of the human face in gypsum; and from this mould he produced copies by pouring into it melted wax. (Plin. Nat. 35.12. s. 44.) He made a statue of Melanippe. (Tatian. ad v. Graec. 54, p. 117, ed. Worth.)


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