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5. AURELIUS PACORUS, a king of the Greater Armenia, was a contemporary of the Antonines, and is mentioned in a Greek inscription published by Gruter (p. 1091, No. 10). It appears by this inscription that Pacorus had purchased a burial-place for himself and his brother Aurelius Meridates, and that both brothers resided at Rome, where one of them died. Niebuhr supposes that a passage in Fronto has reference to this Pacorus, in which a Pacorus is said to have been deprived of his kingdom by L. Verus (Fronto, p. 70, ed. Niebuhr), and he further concludes from the name Aurelius that he was a client of the imperial family and a Roman citizen. He may be the same as the Pacorus who was placed as king over the Lazi, a people on the Caspian sea, by Anton Pius (Capitol. Anton. Pius, 9)

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