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7. The author of a Λεξικὸν τεχνολογικόν.


Λεξικὸν τεχνολογικόν

The author informs us in his preface, that his work was intended to take the place of a similar Lexicon by the Grammarian Hyperechius, for such is the true reading, and not Hypereschius, as it stands in the text of Philemon (Suid. s. vv. Ὑπερέχιος, Λέων ; Tzetz. Chil. 10.305). The work of Hyperechius was entitled τοῦ Ἀλεξανδρέως Ὑπερεχίου ὀνομάτων τεχνολογία κανονικῶς συντεθεῖσα, and was arranged in eight books, according to the eight different parts of speech [HYPERECHIUS]. Philemon's lexicon was a meagre epitome of this work, the best parts of which he seems to have omitted : it is, however, not without its value in the department of literary history. It is often quoted in the Etymologicum Magnum. The part of it which is extant consists of the first book, and the beginning of the second, περὶ ὀνομάτων. Hyperechius lived about the middle of the fifth century of our era, and Philemon may probably be placed in the seventh.


The extant portion of this was first edited, from a MS. preserved in the Royal Library at Paris, by C. Burney (Lond. 1812), and afterwards by F. Osann (Berlin, 1821).

Further Information

All the information we have respecting him is collected by Osann, who also supplies important notices of the other writers of this name. (See also Classical Journal, No. xii. pp. 37-42; Museum Criticum, vol. i. pp. 197-200; Schneider, Ueber Philemon, in the Philol. Biblioth. vol. ii. p. 520).


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