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C. Va'lgius Rufus

14. Finally, Seneca says (Ep. 41.1) that " Valgius " applied the epithet unicus to mount Aetna, and Charisius (p. 79, ed. Putsch.) gives an example from " Valgius " of lacte as a nominative.

It is perfectly manifest that the evidence contained in the above paragraphs is far from being sufficient to enable us to decide anything with certainty regarding the person or persons named. We may fairly surmise that the Valgius of (1) is the same with the Valgius of (2) and perhaps of (3) and (4) also. Beyond this we cannot advance without losing ourselves in a haze of dim conjecture. The assertion of Broukhusius (ad Tibull. 4.1. 80) that there were two distinguished writers in the Augustan age both named Valgius Rufus, but distinguished from each other by difference of praenomen, namely, C. Valgius Rufus, the consular and prose writer, and T. Valgius Rufus, the poet, is altogether destitute of any firm foundation, for no authority whatsoever can be adduced for the existence of a T. Valgius Rufus.

(All the matters connected with this inquiry are very fully discussed by Weichert, in his Poetarum Lat. Reliquiae (8vo. Lips. 1830, p. 203-240), who in p. 233, foll. has collected a few mutilated fragments bearing the name of Valgius.)


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