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μα^λα^κός , ή, όν,
I. of things subject to touch, “εὐνήIl.9. 618; “κώεαOd.3.38; “τάπης μαλακοῦ ἐρίοιο4.124; “χιτώνIl.2.42, PSI 4.364.5 (iii B.C.); “πέπλοιIl.24.796; νειὸς μ. fresh-ploughed fallow, 18.541; λειμῶνες μ. soft grassy meadows, Od.5.72, cf. Il.14.349; “πόας ἄνθοςSapph.54; “τάπητες . . -ώτεροι ὕπνωTheoc.15.125; of the skin or flesh, “μ. παρειαίS.Ant.783 (lyr.); “χρώςE.Med.1403 (anap.); “σώματαX.Mem.3.10.1; πρόβατα μ. soft-fleeced, D.47.52; τόποι πεδινοὶ καὶ μ., opp. hard, rugged ground, Arist.HA607a10; οἱ κρημνοὶ οἱ μ. ib.615b31; “μ. πέτραSIG970.8 (iii B.C.), PPetr.2p.6 (iii B.C.); μ. τέφρα a slow fire, Ph.Bel.89.36; so “μ. πῦρAndrom. ap. Gal.13.26; “μ. ἀνθρακιάDsc.2.76; ὕδωρ μ., of marsh water, A.Fr.192.8 (anap.), Pl.Ti.59d (cf. μαλθακός); of soil, X.Oec.19.8, Pl.Criti.111b. Adv., μαλακῶς ἐνεύδειν, εὑδέμεναι, to sleep softly, i.e. on soft bedding, Od. 3.350, 24.255; “μαλακώτατα καθεύδεινX.Mem.2.1.24; καθίζου μ. sit softly, i.e. on a cushion, Ar.Eq.785; “ὑποστορεῖτε μ. τῷ κυνίEub.90, cf. 108; but ὡς μ. ἐσθίεις what dainty food you have! Thphr.Char.2.10.
2. μαλακά (sc. σκεύη), τά, household utensils, Men.Per.Fr.3, Diph.19.
II. of things not subject to touch, gentle, “θάνατοςOd. 18.202; “ὕπνοςIl.10.2; “κῶμα14.359; μ. ἔπεα soft, fair words, 1.582, 6.337; “λόγοιOd.1.56; “ἐπαοιδαίPi.P.3.51; “παρηγορίαιA.Ag.95 (anap.); “αὖραιX.Oec.20.18; μ. βλέμμα tender, youthful looks, Ar. Pl.1022; “μαλακὰ φρονέων ἐσλοῖςPi.N.4.95; μ. οἶνος mild, Arist.Pr. 873b34; μ. [φωνή] soft, Id.Aud.803a8 (Comp.); of scent, faint, delicate, Thphr.HP6.7.4; of climate, mild, ib.6.8.1. Adv. “μαλακῶς, αὐλεῖνArist.Aud.803a20; “ἐὰν τὰ σκληρὰ μ. λέγηταιId.Rh.1408b9.
2. light, mild, -“ώτεραι ζημίαιTh.3.45.
b. faint-hearted, cowardly, Th.6.13, X. HG4.5.16 (Comp.), etc.
c. morally weak, lacking in self-control, Hdt.7.153 (Comp.); “ἀντίκειται τῷ μ. καρτερικόςArist.EN1150a33: c. inf., “μαλακὸς καρτερεῖν πρὸς ἡδονάς τε καὶ λύπαςPl.R.556c; “τὸ τρυφῶν καὶ μ.Ar.V.1455 (lyr.); μ. οὐδὲν ἐνδιδόναι not to give in from weakness or want of spirit, Hdt.3.51,105, Ar.Pl.488; τὰ μ. indulgences, Epich.288, cf. X.Cyr.7.2.28.
d. = παθητικός, PHib.1.54.11 (iii B.C.), 1 Ep.Cor.6.9, Vett.Val.113.22, D.L.7.173.
e. of music, soft, effeminate, “μ. ἁρμονίαιPl.R.398e, 411a, cf. Arist.Pol.1290a28; tuned to a low pitch, opp. “σύντονος, χρῶμα μ.Cleonid.Harm.7, etc.
f. of style, feeble, “τὸ -ώτερον καὶ ταπεινότερονPhld.Rh.1.197 S.
g. of reasoning, weak, loose, “λόγοςIsoc.12.4 (Comp.), cf. 5.149 (Comp.); “λόγος λίαν μ.Arist.Metaph.1090b8. Adv. -κῶς, συλλογίζεσθαι to reason loosely, Id.Rh.1396b1 (Comp.); “ἀποδεικνύειν -ώτερονId.Metaph.1025b13.
3. weakly, sickly, -κῶς ἔχειν to be ill, Hermipp.58, Ps.-Hdt. Vit.Hom.34, Luc.DDeor.9.1; -“κῶς διάκειταιPCair.Zen.263.3 (iii B.C.).
IV. Adv. -κῶς, v. supr. I, II, III.
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