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στάσις [α^], εως, , ἵστημι)
A.placing, setting, (sc. δικτύων) X.Cyn.2.8, 9.16; “τῶν κλιμάκωνPlb.5.60.7; erection of a statue, “εἰκόνοςIG7.411.34 (Oropus, ii B.C.); στήλης ib.22.654.59 (iii B.C.), 11(4).1023 (Delos, iii B.C.).
2. standing stone, pillar, LXX Jd.9.6.
3. erection, building, PPetr.3p.139 (iii B.C., pl.); = ἐργαστήριον, Hsch.; so perh. in BGU1122.18, 21 (i B.C.).
II. (“ἵστημιA. IV) weighing, “αὕτη 'στὶ λοιπὴ σφῷν στάσιςAr.Ra.1401; “βολίμουSIG241 A 28 (Delph., iv B.C.); στάσις μισθοῦ the paying of the doctor's fee, Hp. Praec.4; “ἀπὸ τᾶν κοινᾶν ποθόδων . . ἐπιλυθῆμεν τοὺς ἐρρυτιασμένους στάσιIG42(1).77.13 (Troezen, ii B.C.).
B. (ἵσταμαι) standing, stature, A.Eu.36 (marg.M βάσιν); standing still, stationariness, defined as ἀπόφασις τοῦ ἰέναι, Pl.Cra.426d; opp. φορά, κίνησις, ib.437a, 438c, Sph.250a, 251d, Arist.Metaph.1025b21, al.; rest, as a category of the intelligible, Plot.6.2.8; opp. ἠρεμία, Id.6.3.27; ὀμμάτων στάσιες fixed stare, Hp.Acut.Sp.6; ς. ὤτων pricking of the ears, Poll.5.61; ς. τῆς γαστρός constipation, 13.6; [τοῦ αἵματος] sluggishness, Hp.Acut.Sp.7; τοῦ ἀέρος,= νηνεμία, Thphr.Vent.18, Gal.9.908.
2. the place in which one stands or should stand, position, posture, station, “ἔχοντες ς. ταύτην ἐς τὴν ἔστημενHdt.9.21; λέβης . . φυλάσσων τὴν ὑπὲρ πυρὸς ς. A.Fr.1; ἰδέσθαι . ., τίν᾽ ἔχει ς. E.Fr.308 (anap.), cf. Ar.Pl.954; “τὴν ?ινοῦς ς. ἑστάναιE.Ba. 925; τῆς αὐτῆς ἠξιοῦτο ς. D.19.272; ς. ἵππων,= ἱππόστασις, σταθμός, stable, stall, E.Fr.442; “ὄνων ἵππων τε στάσειςEphipp.18; “τῆς ς. παρασύρων . . τὰς δρῦςAr.Eq.527; κατὰ τὴν ς. δὴ στάντες standing each in his place, Antid.2; of military formation, κατάπυκνος ς. close order, Ascl.Tact.5.1; row, “ἀμπέλωνTab.Heracl.2.77, al., cf. BGU1122.18,21 (i B.C., unless in signf. A. 1.3).
b. position in relation to the compass, “ ς. ἤλλακτο τῶν ὡρέωνHdt.2.26; ς. τοῦ νότου καὶ τῆς μεσαμβρίης ibid.; setting of a wind from a quarter, τῶν ἐτησίων ἤδη στάσιν ἐχόντων having set in, Plb.5.5.3; γίνεταί τις ἀνέμου ς. Id.1.48.2, cf. Arist.Mete.362b33, Thphr.Sign.35 (pl.); v. infr. 111.4.
c. of planetary connexion, Vett.Val.38.17.
d. metaph., from a boxer's position, ὥσπερ . . ὁρᾶτε τοὺς πύκτας περὶ τῆς ς. ἀλλήλοις διαγωνιζομένους, οὕτω καὶ ὑμεῖς . . ὑπὲρ τῆς πόλεως περὶ τῆς ς. τάξεως codd., but cf. Quint.Inst.3.6.3) “αὐτῷ μάχεσθεAeschin.3.206: hence, position taken up by a litigant (esp. defendant), Cic. Top.25.93; “ἐπ᾽ ἀδίκου ς. ἱστάμενοςPRein.18.16 (ii B.C.); issue, ς. ὁρική, νομική, λογική, etc., Hermog.Stat.2, cf. Syrian. in Hermog.2.55 R.
e. position, opinion of a philosopher, Plu.Cic.4, S.E.P.2.48, 3.33,37, al., Marcellin.Puls.234.
3. position, state, condition of a person, “ἐν τῇ καλλίονι στάσει εἶναιPl.Phdr.253d; esp. of moral, social, political position, “μειρακιώδηςPlb.10.33.6; “ἰδιώτουEpict.Ench.48; “φιλοσόφουArr.Epict.3.15.13; ς. ἔχειν ἐν τῷ βίῳ ib.1.21.1; state of affairs, Ostr.1151.3 (iii A.D.); “ ς. τῆς νόσουHp.Dieb.Judic.10, cf. Mochl. 21 (pl.).
4. στάσις μελῶν, expld. by Sch. as = στάσιμον (q.v.), Ar. Ra.1281.
II. party, company, band, A.Ag.1117 (lyr.), Ch.114, 458 (lyr.), Eu.311 (anap.).
III. esp. party formed for seditious purposes, faction, Thgn.51, Hdt.1.59,60; ἐπεκράτησε τῇ στάσι ib. 173; αἱ τῶν Μεγαρέων ς. Th.4.71.
3. division, dissent, “στάσιν ἐνέσεσθαι τῇ γνώμῃTh.2.20; οὐδ᾽ ἔνι ς. there's no disputing it, A.Pers.738 (troch.).
V. statute, decree, LXX Da.6.7(8), 1 Ma.7.18.
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