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συνίστημι , also συνιστάνω (Plb.4.82.5, J.
A.BJ Prooem.5, Sor.1.126 (Pass.)); συνιστάω (Arist.GA777a6, Pr.928a9, Conon 48, 2 Ep.Cor. 6.4; impf. “συνίσταPlb.3.43.11, dub. in D.H.8.18): impf. συνίστην, fut. συστήσω, aor. 1 συνέστησα: trans. pf. συνέστα^κα, found only in later texts, PSI9.1035.14 (ii A.D.), S.E.M.7.109, AP11.139 (Lucill.), Iamb.VP35.261:—set together, combine, “τὰς χορδὰς ἀλλήλαιςPl.R. 412a; τὰς ἄρκυς καὶ τὰ δίκτυα f.l. in X.Cyn.6.12.
b. ς. Ἀσίην ἑωυτῷ unite Asia in dependence on himself, Hdt.1.103; μαντικὴν ἑωυτῷ συστῆσαι bring prophetic art into union with himself, i.e. win, acquire it, Id.2.49; “ς. τινὰ ἀντίπαλον ἑαυτῷX.Cyr.6.1.26; “ς. τισὶν ἡγεμόναPlb.2.24.6, cf. 3.42.6, 15.5.5.
3. Med. in these senses, “τὸ ὅλον συνίστασθαιPl.Phdr.269c; “τὸ δεῖπνονDiph.43.5: mostly aor. 1, “μὴ ἐκ χρηστῶν καὶ κακῶν ἀνθρώπων συστήσηται πόλινPl.Plt. 308d; “οὐρανόνId.Ti.32b; πᾶν τόδε ib.69c, cf. R.530a; “πόλεμονIsoc. 10.49, Plb.2.1.1; “ς. μοι μάχηνPTeb.44.14 (ii B.C.); “πολιορκίανPlb. 1.30.5; “κίνδυνονId.3.106.4; “παρατάξειςD.S.1.18; “ἀντιλογίαν πρός μεPGrenf.1.38.8 (ii/i B.C.), cf. PSI3.167.14 (ii B.C.), Mitteis Chr.31 iv 21 (ii B.C.); “ἀηδίανPLond.2.342.6 (ii A.D.), BGU22.15 (ii A.D.); οὐδένα λόγον συνισταμένη πρὸς ἡμᾶς rendering no account to us. PAmh.2.31.17 (ii B.C.), cf. PRein.18.33 (ii B.C.); “ς. ἀγῶναςPlu.Fab.19; “ἑορτήνApollod.3.14.6; ναυτικὰς δυνάμεις, μισθοφόρους, Plb.1.25.5, 4.60.5; also, arrange in order of battle, rally, Id.3.43.11, dub. in D.H. 8.18.
4. Math., erect two straight lines from points on a given straight line so as to meet and form a triangle, in Pass., Arist.Mete. 376a2, b2, cf. Euc.1.7, Papp.106.12; of two arcs of great circles on a sphere, Id.476.19,22.
5. of an author, compose, μύθους, τὴν Ὀδύσσειαν, etc., Arist.Po.1455a22, 1451a29, etc.
IV. bring together as friends, introduce or recommend one to another, “τινάς τινιPl.La.200d, cf. X.Smp.4.63; ἵνα τῳ τῶν . . σοφιστῶν . . συστήσω τουτονί, as a pupil, Pl.Thg.122a; “τινὰ ἰατρῷ ς. περὶ τῆς ἀσθενείαςId.Chrm.155b; “σύστησον αὐτοὺς . . ὅπως πλέωσιPCair.Zen.2.2 (iii B.C.), cf. 195.6 (iii B.C.), PMich.Zen.6.2,3 (iii B.C., Act. and Pass.):—Pass., “συνεστάθη ΚύρῳX.An.3.1.8; Κύρῳ συσταθησόμενος ib.6.1.23, cf. PCair.Zen.447.1,11 (iii B.C.), Phld.Acad.Ind. p.49 M.; ἔχειν τινὰ συνεσταμένον, συνιστάμενον, regard him as introduced or recommended, POxy.787 (i A.D.), PHolm.p.42.
b. recommend, secure approval of a course of action, SIG679.90 (Magn. Mae., ii B.C.):— Med., recommend persons for appointment, PLond.3.1249.7 (iv A.D.).
c. τὸ οἰκεῖον συνιστάναι bring about intimacy, Men.602.
e. appoint to a charge, LXXNu.27.23; appoint a representative, “ς. ἀντ᾽ ἐμαυτῆς τὸν ἕτερον ἐμοῦ ἀδελφόνPTeb.317.10 (ii A.D.); “συνέστησά σε φροντιοῦντά μου τῶν ὑπαρχόντωνBGU300.3, cf. 20 (ii A.D.):—Pass., Sammelb.4512.39 (ii B.C.); “ἐπίτροπος συσταθείςCPHerm.55.5 (iii A.D.); “συσταθεὶς συνήγοροςPlu.2.840e.
2. of a debtor, offer another as a guarantee, “τινί τιναIsoc.17.37: c. inf., συστήσαντος ἀποδοῦναι introduce the party who was to pay, D.41.16, cf. ib.6: c. acc. rei, guarantee a loan, ἃς (sc. δραχμὰς)“ συνέστησεν Ἀρτεμίδωρος ἀργυρίουρ́PCair.Zen.326.167 (iii B.C.); ἃς (sc. δραχμὰς)“ παρὰ Ἱέρωνος συνεστήσαμενPMich.Zen. 61.28 (iii B.C.); Σέλευκός μου αὐτοὺς (sc. τοὺς τρεῖς στατῆρας)“ ἐκκέκρουκε λέγων ὅτι συνέστακας ἑαυτῷPFay.109.9 (i A.D.).
V. make solid or firm, brace up, “τὸ σῶμαHp.Aph.3.17, cf. Thphr.CP1.8.3; ς. [τὰ ἴχνη] sets them, X.Cyn.5.3; ὑπὲρ τοῦ συνεστῶτος [τοῦ τείχους], i.e. the unbroken part, Jul.Or.2.64c; contract, condense, opp. διακρίνω or διαλύω, Arist.GC336a4, Cael.280a12; of liquids, make them congeal, curdle, “γάλαPoll.1.251; “φλέγμαHp.Vict.2.54 (v.l.): metaph., συστήσας τὸ πρόσωπον with a frown, Plu.2.152b.
VI. exhibit, give proof of, “εὔνοιανPlb.4.5.6; “ς. ὅτι . . Id.3.108.4: c. acc. et inf., D.S.14.45: c. part., “ς. τινὰς ὄνταςId.13.91.
2. prove, establish, Phld.Sign.4, Rh.1.112S.
B. Pass., with aor. 2 Act. συνέστην: pf. συνέστηκα, part. συνεστηκώς, contr. συνεστώς, ῶσα, ώς or ός (Pl.Ti.56b), Ion. συνεστεώς, εῶσα (neut. not found), Hdt.1.74, 6.108: fut. “συσταθήσομαιX.An.6.1.23, Arist.Mete.376a2; fut.Med. “ξυστήσομαιA.Th.435,509,672, Pl.Ti.54c: aor. Pass. συνεστάθην [α^] X.An.3.1.8, al., PCair.Zen.447.1,11 (iii B.C.), PTeb.27.35 (ii B.C.), etc.:—stand together, περὶ τὸν τρίποδα (of statues) Hdt.8.27; opp. διίστασθαι, X.Cyn.6.16; of soldiers, form in order of battle, Id.An.5.7.16, 6.5.28, al.; συστάντες ἁθρόοι ib.7.3.47.
III. of friends, form a league or union, band together, Id.6.21,33, etc.; κατὰ σφᾶς αὐτοὺς ξ. Id.2.88; “ἀλλήλοιςX.HG2.1.1; ξυνίστασθαι πρὸς ἑκατέρους league themselves with one side or the other, Th.1.1, cf. 15; “μετά τινοςD.34.34, etc.; ἐπί τινας against them, Lys.22.17, cf. 30.10 (abs.); καί μ᾽ οὐ λέληθεν οὐδὲν ἐν τῇ πόλει ξυνιστάμενον no conspiracy, Ar.Eq.863, cf. X.Cyr.1.1.2; οἱ συνιστάμενοι the conspirators, Ar.Lys.577 (anap.); “τὸ ξυνεστηκόςTh.8.66.
2. generally, to be connected or allied, as by marriage, c. acc. cogn., “λέχος Ἡρακλεῖ ξυστᾶσαS.Tr.28: in magic, “συνιστάνου . . τοῖς . . θεοῖςput yourself into connexion with . . , PMag. Leid.W. 1.29; “συσταθεὶς πρὸ<ς> τὸν ἥλιονPMag.Par.1.168: in law, “Αὐρηλία Βησοῦς μετὰ συνεστῶτος Αὐρηλίου ΘέωνοςA. B. acting with A. T., POxy.912.4 (iii A.D.), cf. Sammelb.7338.5 (iii/iv A.D.).
c. arise, take shape or body, “τὸ συνιστάμενον κακόνD.18.62, cf. 6.35; “πόλις οὕτω συστᾶσαPl.R.546a; ἐνταῦθα συνίστανται [ψύλλαι] Arist. HA556b26, cf. Thphr.CP4.4.10, Sor.2.37, al., Gal.Vict.Att.9; ς. ἀπό τινος arise from . . , Phld.Ir.p.76W.
V. to be compact, solid, firm, “οὔτε σκιδνάμενον οὔτε συνιστάμενονParm.2.4; συνεστῶτα σώματα, of animals in good condition, X.Cyn.7.8, cf. Pl.Ti.83a; acquire substance or consistency, of eggs, Arist.HA567a28; of blood, honey, milk, ib.516a5, 554a6, Hp.Vict.2.51; of the embryo, “συνίσταται καὶ λαμβάνει τὴν οἰκείαν μορφήνArist.GA733b20; of the brain, ib.744a22; of the bowels, Hp.Epid.3.17.ά, Coac.589; ῥεῦμα συνεστηκός concentrated, Id.Medic.7; συνεστηκυῖα χιών congealed, frozen, Plb.3.55.2.
VII. συνέστηκε c. acc. et inf., it is well known that . . , = Lat. constat, Marcian.Peripl.1 Prooem.
VIII. to be weighed together, “συνεστάθηInscr.Délos 1423Aai17, 1429Bi3 (ii B.C.).
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