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σχολή , ,
A.leisure, rest, ease, Pi.N.10.46, Hdt.3.134, etc.; opp. ἀσχολία, Arist.Pol.1334a15, etc.; σχολὴν ἄγειν to be at leisure, enjoy ease, keep quiet, Hdt. l.c., E.Med.1238, Th.5.29; ἐπί τινι for a thing, Pl.Ap.36d; “περί τιAntip.Stoic.3.256; “πρός τιPl.Phdr.229e, Arr.Epict.1.27.15; τινι Luc.Cal.15; ς. ἀγαγεῖν ἐπί τινα to give up one's time to him, Id.DDeor.12.2, etc.; ς. ἔχειν to have leisure, E.Andr. 732, Pl.Lg.813c, etc.; ἀμφὶ ἑαυτόν for one's own business, X.Cyr.7.5.42; ς. ποιεῖσθαι to find leisure, “πρός τιId.Mem.2.6.4: c. inf., Pl. Ion530d; μὴ σχολὴν τίθει, i.e. make haste, A.Ag.1059; “ἡνίκ᾽ ἂν σχολὴν λάβωE.IT1432; σχολή [ἐστί] μοι I have time, “οὐ σχολὴ αὐτῷPl.Prt.314d; οὐκ οὔσης ς. Ar.Pl.281; also “παρούσης πολλῆς ς. . . πρός τιPl.Plt.272b: prov., “οὐ ς. δούλοιςArist.Pol.1334a21: c. inf., “οὔτοι . . τῇδ᾽ ἐμοὶ ς. πάρα τρίβεινA.Ag.1055, etc.; εἴ τῳ καὶ λογίζεσθαι ς. S. Aj.816; “εἴ σοι ς. προϊόντι ἀκούεινPl.Phdr.227b; καταβαίνειν οὐ ς. Ar. Ach.409,al.; “ς. πλείων θέλω πάρεστί μοιA.Pr.818; σχολὴ ἐδόκει γίγνεσθαι he thought he had plenty of time, Th.5.10; ς. διδόναι, παρέχειν τινί, X.Cyr.4.2.22, Hier.10.5; “ς. καταναλίσκειν εἴς τιIsoc.1.18; τὴν τοῦ πράττοντος ς. περιμένειν to wait his leisure, Pl.R.370b; σχολῆς τόδ᾽ ἔργον a work for leisure, i.e. requiring attention, E. Andr.552: freq. with Preps., ἐπὶ σχολῆς at leisure, Pl.Tht.172d; “κατὰ σχολήνAr.Ec.48, Pl.Phdr.228a; “μετὰ σχολῆςId.Criti.110a; “ὑπὸ σχολῆςPlu.2.667d; v.infr. B.
II. that in which leisure is employed, οὐ κάμνω σχολῇ I am not weary of talk, Id.Ion 276; esp. learned discussion, disputation, lecture, Pl.Lg.820c (pl.), Arist.Pol.1323b39; “παρεκαθίζανον . . σχολαῖς φιλομαθεῖν προαιρούμενοιIG22.1011.22; ταῦτ᾽ οὐ σχολὴ Πλάτωνος; Alex.158; “σχολὰς ἀναγράψαιPhld.Acad.Ind.p.74 M., cf. Plu.2.37c, etc.; ς. περὶ πολιτείας γράψασθαι ib.790e; ς. ἀναγνῶναι, λέγειν, Phld. Acad.Ind.p.82 M., Arr.Epict.4.11.35; ἠθικαὶ ς., title of work by Persaeus, Stoic.1.102, cf.Cic.Tusc.1.4.7,8.
2. a group to whom lectures were given, school, Arist.Pol.1313b3, Phld.Ind.Sto.10, D.H.Isoc.1, Dem.44, Plu.Per.35, Alex.7, etc.; ς. ἔχειν to keep a school, Arr.Epict. 3.21.11; σχολῆς ἡγεῖσθαι to be master of it, Phld.Acad.Ind.p.92 M., D.H.Amm.1.7.
3. Lat. schola, = σχολαστήριον, Vitr.5.10.4, CIL 10.831, etc.
III. σχολαί, αἱ, regiments of the Imperial guard, Procop.Goth.4.27, Suid. s.v. διέδριον; Lat.scholae, Cod.Theod.14.17.9 (iv A.D.), etc.
b. section of an office, PMasp.57 ii 18 (vi A.D.); of the 15 'schools' of shorthand writers, Lyd.Mag.3.6.
B. σχολῇ as Adv., in a leisurely way, tardily, “ἤνυτον ς. βραδύςS. Ant.231, cf. Th.1.142, 3.46, And.2.19, etc.; ἄτρεμά τε καὶ ς. Alex. 135.4; “ς. καὶ βάδηνPlb.8.28.11.
2. at one's leisure, i.e. scarcely, hardly, not at all, S.OT434. Ant.390, Pl.Sph.233b, etc.; “παραινῶ πᾶσι . . ς. τεκνοῦσθαι παῖδαςE.Fr.317; “ς. γεAnd.1.102, X.Mem.3.14.3; “ς. πουPl.Sph.261 b: freq. in apodosi, to introduce an a fortioriargument, εἰ δὲ μὴ . . , που σχολῇ . . γε if not so . . , hardly or much less so . . , And.1.90; “εἰ αὗται . . μὴ ἀκριβεῖς εἰσι, σχολῇ αἵ γε ἄλλαιPl.Phd.65b; “εἰ μὴ τούτων . . , ς. τῶν γε ἄλλωνArist.Metaph.999a10; ὁπότε γὰρ . . , answered by ς. γε, Pl.R.610e; “μὴ γιγνώσκων τὴν οὐσίαν ς. τήν γε ὀρθότητα διαγνώσεταιId.Lg.668c.
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