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1 نَطَقَ ذ trans. by means of ب: see Ham, p. 75. ― -b2- نَطَقَ بِهِ means he pronounced it, or articulated it. ― -b3- نَطَقَ, said of a bird or any animal: see Bd, xxvii. 16. 3 نَاطَقَهٌ ذ , inf. n. مُنَاطَقَةٌ, He talked, or discoursed, with him; syn. كَالَمَهُ, (TA,) followed by بِ before the subject of talk, &c. (TA in art. فرغ.) 6 تَنَاطَقَا ذ They two talked, or discoursed, each with the other; like تَقاَوَلَا. (TA.) 10 اِسْتَنْطَقَهُ ذ He desired him to speak; (TA;) [interrogated him:] he spoke to him until, or so that, he spoke. (Msb.) نِطَاقٌ ذ The bar (مترس) of a door. (TA, art. لز.) ― -b2- نِطاَقُ الجَوْزَآءِ The Belt of Orion: see الجَوْزَآءُ. نِطَاقَةٌ ذ A ticket of price, or weight: see بِطَاقَةٌ. نَاطِقٌ ذ ― -b2- اطيار ناطقة Singing birds. ― -b3- نَاطِقٌ an epithet applied to A deenár. ― -b4- جَذْرٌ نَاطِقٌ A rational root, in arithmetic; opposed to جَذْرٌ أَصَمُّ. (Mgh, art. جذر.) ― -b5- حَيَوَانٌ نَاطِقٌ A rational animal. نَاطِقِيَّةٌ ذ Rationality. مَنْطِقٌ ذ Speech: (S:) Diction; or expression of ideas, or meanings, by voice and words. (K, TA.) مِنْطَقَةٌ ذ I. q. حِيَاصَةٌ; (Msb;) A kind of girdle, zone, or waist-belt, which is fastened round the waist with a buckle or clasp; worn by men and by women; and when worn by wealthy women generally adorned with jewels, &c., and having also two plates of silver or gold, also generally jewelled, which clasp together. See إِِبْزِيمٌ. مِنْطِيقٌ ذ Eloquent: (S, K:) or able in speech; an able speaker. (TA in art. فوه.) الحِكْمَةُ المَنْطُوقُ بِهَا ذ : see حِكْمَةٌ.

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