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d States Chickamauga 5 17 -- 22 Knap's Two sections only. -- -- Pennsylvania Wauhatchie 3 19 -- 22 Smith's I, 4th United States Chickamauga 1 21 -- 22 Zickerick's -- 12th Wisconsin Allatoona Pass 6 15 -- 21 Ricketts's F & G, 1st Pennsylvania Gettysburg 6 14 3 23 Dimmick's H, 1st United States Chancellorsville 3 18 -- 21 Simonson's -- Appears twice in this list. 5th Indiana Stone's River 3 18 -- 21 Seeley's K, 4th United States Gettysburg 2 19 4 25 Haley's -- 1st Maine Cedar Creek 3 17 8 28 Watson's I, 5th United States Gettysburg 1 19 2 22 Nims's -- 2d Massachusetts Sabine X Roads 1 18 1 20 Tompkins's A, 1st Rhode Island Antietam 4 15 -- 19 Kern's G, 1st Pennsylvania Gaines's Mill 7 12 -- 19 Cooper's B, 1st Pennsylvania Seven Days 4 15 -- 19 McKnight's M, 5th United States Cedar Creek 2 17 4 23 Woodbury's M, 1st New York Chancellorsville 5 13 4 22 Harris's -- 19th Indiana Chickamauga 2 16 2 20 St
d the remaining two sections of the First Maine battery. In accordance with orders from Generals Banks and Emory, I made my dispositions and immediately moved on the enemy's works. My dispositions were as follows: Thirty-eighth Massachusetts volunteers in advance, deployed as skirmishers. Fifty-third Massachusetts volunteers about one hundred and fifty yards in rear of the Thirty-eighth, and deployed as skirmishers. Two sections of the First Maine battery, under command of Lieutenants Haley and Morton, on parallel plantation roads leading to the enemy's works, and immediately in rear of the second line of skirmishers, the remaining section in reserve. One Hundred and Seventy-fifth New-York volunteers in reserve immediately to the left and rear of the left section of the battery. Thirty-first Massachusetts volunteers immediately to the right and rear of the right section of the battery. One Hundred and Fifty-sixth New-York volunteers in the woods on the extreme ri
ree days previous. The first day's march was a distance of sixteen miles, passing through Buzzard Roost, and camping near Barton's Station. March twenty-third. Had charge of the division train, and toiled with it from daylight to dark, using almost all of the brigade to carry it along. Made four miles. March twenty-fourth. Marched through Frankfort to the right of Russelville, camping two miles south, distance thirty miles. March twenty-fifth. Starting at 4:30 A. M., marched to Haley's on the Buttahatchee, a distance of twenty-nine miles. After this hard day's march, during which we crossed Big Bear creek, and other troublesome streams, went into camp without forage. March twenty-sixth. Marched to Kansas. twenty-five miles, passing through Eldridge, and crossing New river. Found plenty of forage and quite a number of loyal people. March twenty-seventh. Marched to Sander's ferry on the Mulberry Branch Black Warrior, a distance of twenty-eight miles, passing throu
William Hepworth Dixon, White Conquest: Volume 1, Chapter 10: brigand life. (search)
, ready to assist him with their knives. Gonzalez hitched his horse, and took his post. A team belonging to a man named Haley drove up, on which Snyder left his store, and most of his neighbours followed him out into the road. Five or six loafersoaths, that any one who either moved a limb or raised a murmur should be blown to pieces. Snyder was still chatting with Haley in the road, when Chavez came up, and asked him to go in, and find a letter in the post bag. On entering he was seized. ment, raised his gun, and brought the poor innkeeper to the ground. Davidson never spoke again. Then turning to the teamster Haley, Vasquez said to him, Lie down! What for? asked Haley. Vasquez kicked him in the ribs, and knocked him on theHaley. Vasquez kicked him in the ribs, and knocked him on the skull. Lie still, he snarled, while tying him in a rope, emptying his pockets, and pitching him under the horses' feet. All done there? the Capitan now cried to those inside. Yes: all was done; a stock of goods and clothes, eight horses, an
64, re-enlistment. Goodwin, William H.,22Boston, Ma.Feb. 16, 1864Aug. 11, 1865, expiration of service. Glover, Edward W.,26Malden, Ma.July 31, 1861Oct. .., 1862, disability. Grover, Fitzroy,19Chicopee, Ma.Aug. 31, 1864June 11, 1865, expiration of service. Haggerty, John,26Pittsfield, Ma.Jan. 18, 1864Deserted, never joined Battery. Hall, Arthur W.,18Heath, Ma.Aug. 30, 1864June 11, 1865, expiration of service. Hale, Russell,19Gardner, Ma.July 2, 1864Aug. 11, 1865, expiration of service. Haley, Samuel, Jr.,21West Boylston, Ma.July 31, 1861Sept. .., 1862, disability. Hammond, Charles,31Dorchester, Ma.July 26, 1864Aug. 11, 1865, expiration of service. Hamilton, Charles,31Truro, Ma.Jan. 12, 1864Jan. 13, 1864, rejected recruit. Hamilton, Charles H.,21Taunton, Ma.Sept. 2, 1864June 11, 1865, expiration of service. Hammond, Daniel M.,19Charlestown, Ma.July 31, 1861Jan. 5, 1864, re-enlistment. Hammond, Daniel M.,21Charlestown, Ma.Jan. 6, 1864Aug. 11, 1865, expiration of service. Ham
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 37. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Black Eagle Company. (search)
ted from service, 1862; dead. Wood, H. E., color sergeant; wounded at Gaines' Mill, Va., 1862. Wood, J. H., sergeant; wounded five times, losing at one time a pound and a half of flesh from his thigh and hip from a canon shot; is now living near Eaton, Weld county, Colorado, and an active business person. Recruits. Anderson, Nat., Carrington, Robert, wounded at Gettysburg, Pa., 1863; Clopton, Mortimer, Covington, Creasy, Creasy, Crenshaw, Dodson, Dyson, Goodman, William; Gordon, Haley, Hewitt, Hurt, Moore, Padgett, William; Poole, Quarles, Ransom, Henry, transferred from Company H., 1863; Smith, Varner, Wakeham, John E., killed near Petersburg, Va., April, 1865; Webb, Winfree, William, was on detail service during the war. In giving the roster of the Black Eagle Company, of Cumberland county, Va, I venture to say that the morale of that company could be taken as a fair representation of the Virginia troops. In its rank and file were soldiers who had been educated at t
Arrived, Steamship Jamestown, Skinner, N. York, mdze. And passengers, Ludlam & Watson. arrived, Schr. Claremont, Johnson, down the river, light. Schr. Courier, Woolford, down the river, light. Schr. B. F. Reeves, Harmon, down the river, light. Schr. Cornelius, Brindly, down the river, light. Schr. Vasti Sharp, Haley, down the river, light.
Company C--S Commissioned Officers and 15 Men in action. Killed. Private P Keating. Wounded. Lieut. Jas Hallinan, severely in left and slightly in right arm. Private James Dooley, severely in right arm. Private M Consadine, right arm. Peter McCawley. Missing. Private D Costello. Company D--4 Officers, 31 Men in action. 1st Lieut. E. P. Reeve, severely wounded in right shoulder. Corporal L. M. Blanton, in forehead. Private T H Haley, mortally, in arm and breast. Private Geo Logan, mortally, in abdomen. Private E Priddy, in leg. Private J M Finn, in arm. Private D S Edwards, in leg, slightly. Missing. W. H. Stewart. Company G--S Commissioned Officer, 76 Men in action. Killed. Private O O Folkes. Wounded. Private A S Susad, in arm. Private H B Gary, in throat. Private E Gary, slightly, in right arm. Private W T Hord, slightly, in right shoulder. Company
, J A Baskins, Samuel Dunn, D M Hall. J M Jett, J S Patterson, H Brigamon J Smith. Company D "Pettus Relief," Capt Barlow. Killed: Capt Barlow, Wm Deering, T L Neal, J G Witherspoon, ring Berchain, J A T Lewis, S T Vaughn. Wounded: Lt W L Haley, L H Redus, J M Harris, W Panderson, Dan'l Brown, W G Hall, Matt Hood, W C Lewis, George Morrison, J T Ramsay, D W Stevens. C A Tallaferro, M M West, J L Ard, P B Lloyd, E P Garrett, C H Barry, Daniel Farmer, M A Haskin, G W Jones jr, Green Millay. Company G, "Natchez Fencibles," Capt T A Wilson, commanding — Killed: 3d Lieut A L Butts; Privates T J Carter, J L Collier, D Mulvehill, G Mullen. Wounded: Thos Bradley, S House, M Higgins, C Marsh, T S Redd, Geo Underwood, Wm Conner, M Haley, T J V Lieaud, Thos Powell, W H Hite, 1st Lieut T Q Munce, Corp'l W H H Wilson, Corpl Ed Scadamore. Missing: George Mariner. Company H, "Charile Clarke Rifles," Capt R R Applewhite — Killed: Lieut D F McComick; Privates A J Davis, B F Headw
The Daily Dispatch: May 20, 1863., [Electronic resource], Casualties in the late battle near Fredericksburg. (search)
J H Dupuy Wounded: Lieut T Paxton, Capt W A Webber, J A Paxton. S Carter slightly. Company G.--Killed: Ensign Wady. Wounded: slightly. Company H (Richmond Sharpshooters.)--Wounded: Capt R Depriest, Wm H Eggleston, dangerously; Jacob Kill, Fritz Hetzler, W T Clerk slightly. Company I.--Killed: Lieut G A Bass Privates J H Du uy G E Fowlkes Wounded: Serg'ts Drury Lacy and S C Hines. J T Hines. Company K.--Killed, none. Wounded: Lieut M Robinson M Palmore, A H Williams, and Haley. Several others supposed to be wounded. Paul C. Mcrton, Chaplain 23d Va. regiment. Washington, D. C., May 6, 1863. Please publish the following list of prisoners, members of the 10th Virginia regiment, captured on Sunday, the 3d day of May, near Chancellorsville: Company B.--Capt J G Coffman; Corpera's G B Kemper and Adam Koonts Privates J A Fowles J H Yost, R B Ragan, J Bezansen, B Randall, G K Lewis. Company I.--Capt S A Sellers; Lieut J G H Miller; Serg' J
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