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Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Henry Walcott Boynton, Reader's History of American Literature, Chapter 2: the secular writers (search)
[1720] Saturday, I dine at Mr. Stoddard's: from thence I went to Madam Winthrop's just at 3. Spake to her, saying, my loving wife died so soon and suddenly, 't was hardly convenient for me to think of marrying again; however I came to this resolution, that I would not make any court to any person without first consulting with her. Had a pleasant discourse about 7 (seven) single persons sitting in the Fore-seat 7r. 29th, viz. Madm Rebekah Dudley, Catharine Winthrop, Bridget Usher, Deliverance Legg, Rebekah Loyd, Lydia Colman, Elizabeth Bellingham. She propounded one and another for me; but none would do, said Mrs. Loyd was about her age. [Mrs. Winthrop herself was at this time fifty-six and had had twelve children; Judge Sewall was sixty-eight and had had fourteen, of whom only three survived him.] Octobr. 3. Waited on Madam Winthrop again; it was a little while before she came in. ... Then I usher'd in discourse from the names in the Fore-seat; at last I pray'd that Catharine
ch was beginning on the enemy's right, it certainly ought not to be characterized as "unsuccessful." I know the fact that no regiment acted with more cool and deliberate courage on that memorable day than did the 5th South Carolina Volunteers, under Col. Jenkins, who, at the head of his regiment, gallantly led them in the van of the attack, while the grape and shell were flying thick around him, one of which knocked his stirrup from one of his feet. I am happy to say, too, that Lieut.Col. Legg, who was wounded, and the other officers of this regiment, acted nobly and well their respective parts, as did also the officers at the 17th and 18th Regiments Mississippi Volunteers. Dan. Elzey's Brigade. We have published accounts of the gallant part sustained by this Brigade in the battle of the 21st. A correspondent, writing from Fairfax Court-House, gives a description of the memorable forced march from Winchester to Pledment, and proceeds as follows: The battle had be
Mr. Wm. Whalcy, long running omnibuses between Washington and Alexandria, arrived night before last with a twenty-passenger coach, from Winchester, with six fine horses. He also brought a barrel of flour, manufactured by Mr. Legg, of Winchester, as a present to the President.
The captured at Kernstown. The following is understood to be a correct list of our men captured in the engagement on the 23d, near Winchester: First Lieut G. G. Junkin, Aide-de-camp to Gen. Jackson; First Lieut S. C. Williams, Aide-de-camp to Gen Garnett. Second Regiment--Nath Lawser, Samuel Nolan, B. C Washington, John W Addison, Jas W Overton, Wm Herfoot, George W Henson, Park Wooddey, George Miracle, Wm Barton, J B Bonham, C. E Bell, John W Legg, J. W. Dugan, R S Burwell. Fourth Regiment--John T McKee, Elliott Willis, E R Davis, John S Lvle, Benj Allen, Peter S Harris, J A Lucas, Jos McMurran, S S Caddell, S S Walthal, Sergeant T C Craig, J T Sowinger, M T Saunders, A B Ramsey, J W Woods, H & Paxton, Adjutant J H Lang Horne, 1st Lieut T J Boyd, Sergeant J D Gracam, Capt H K Morrison, 2d Lieut William Wade, 2d Lieut E C Barkins. Fifth Regiment--J W Matthews, Co H. Twenty first Regiment--W H Patterson, Second Lieutenant John B Witcher, D W Hawkins.
rner. Wounded: Capt. Lowry, 1st Lt Marso, 1st Sergt McLemore, Sergt Bickham, Corp'l Heslip; privates Bridges, J R Estis, B F Griffin, H Handy, Wm Hicks, McKenny Nesbit, L D Ward, W L Young, James Hale. Total killed 1; wounded 14. Company B--Killed: None. Wounded: 2d Lt T F Nealy, 3d Lt G W Moton, 1st Sergt J R Garner, 1st Corp'l B A Sims; privates Thomas Curry, R Cravens, Hickoby, Clark Johnson, H C Mon- A P Matthews, A McHenry, H McMullin, J T Sykes, W T Wells, G W Hirst, Missing: J N Legg, B F Porter. Total killed 0; wounded 15; missing 2. Company C--Killed: None. Wounded: 1st Serg Peale, Corp'l Hudiburg; privates J R Davenport, Ponder, Roston, S S Thornton, Geo Kidd, Bond, Spray, Sinclair. Missing: Private Laprade, J H Robinson. Total killed 0; wounded 10; missing 2. Company D--Killed: Sergt J G Perry, Thos Robinson, John Ernest, William McDonald. Wounded: 2d Lt J M Kelly; privates J W Ham. John House, H Mardis, B R Ham, J Riley, J Dumas, Thos Rawls, R Mayo, J McLe
ames Williams, James Sy- John Harris, Mordecal Ward, Wm A Cutler Richard A Baynor, John Rivers, David Besnor, Jas Brickell, Wm Mallison, Geo Whit- 2d Lieut Dan'l P Latham, Serg't Major F Williamson, Henry C Cutler, Privates Wm T Haggard, John Latham, John Hawkins, Asa Johnson, Isaac Meekins, Isaac S Swindell, Appleton Squires, Dan'l Briley, Geo W Mears, Henry Cutler, Stephen H Whitley Joshua W Silversthorn, Langly Power, Thes Merry, James E Hodges, Moses Wooderd, George D Jefferson, Redding L Legg- Hautzy Hodges. Company F.--Wounded: Lt John W Detham, thigh: 2d Lt Thos E Thompson, head Sg'ts Wm R Hansell, thigh; Robt R Lancaster, hip; Corp'l Wm V Stephens, arm; Thos B Smith, breast; Henry M Warren, arm, Privates Jas T Atkinson, leg; Barnyard Barnes, shoulder and arm; Geo B Battle, head, Wiky Farmer, arm; Jas C Farmer, arm and shoulder; Jonathan D Farmer, leg; Wm L Mean jaw; Rheston Marler, arm; Andrew J Robertson, arm; Abram H Sharpe, head and back Seth H Scott, hip; Zebulon M P S
The Daily Dispatch: July 5, 1862., [Electronic resource], List of casualties in the recent battles before Richmond. (search)
oodman. Lieut Grubbs (since dead.) Sergt. Maj. Wm Mansfield, C H Catter Jno Bible, O P Madbry, D Hay, Geo Maginder, R Moore. Company D.--Killed Sgt R N Trico Jos Brown J. W Campball. Wounded. Lt S H Parsons Color Sergt Fendall Chiles, He Dine, Price Perains, Jas M Trico (alike dead,) P E. Jones, D A. Trico, Jos Sarpeni. Company E.--Wounded: W. R. Pendleton, D. Newcomb. Company H.--Killed: Lieut R B Strite H W. Orther Jas H Carter. Wounded: Capt Shear it Farns worth, E R Legg E S Russell. Company I.--Filted Colur-Serg C. W Cheshire, Geo. Buckland. Wounded; Lieut. Morchead, D. S Hessey, Juel Robinson, Wm Loy, F. Shingleton. Company B.--Killed: Lieut. P D. Sherrard, Owen Millerson, W. B Bird, John W. Washington. Thos Oferrull. Wounded Ord-serg J. A Hamuten, John F Wright, Thos Brooks, Jas Peer, Thos Pugh, issac Gibaon, Isaac Armstong, John Flory, Isaac Hartman, Jos Gill, Jos Mikeam. Total Killed24 Total wounded80 Casualties in the Fourt
The Daily Dispatch: May 18, 1864., [Electronic resource], Operations around Richmond — the battle not renewed yesterday — firing at Chaffin's Bluff — another steamer destroyed in St. John's river, &c. (search)
people have full confidence. Gen. Beauregard's plans for the future are unknown, though, as the opposing forces are still confronting each other, a battle may be joined at any moment. List of killed and wounded in the 7th Virginia infantry, Kemper's brigade, in the fight of Monday morning, 16th May, near Drewry's Bluff. Killed: Sergt W B Carpenter, co A; John Jenkins, co K. Wounded: W R Clatterback — Cooper, and E S Partlow, co B; V B Collius and F. Hume, co C; G T Stewart and J T Legg, co E; J R. Rayner, W H Brown, J S Marshall, and W M Cox, co F; J W Jenkins, co G; Lt Brown, W H Dickinson, Wm Jackson, and R N Huffman, co K. From Southern Virginia. The situation of affairs in Northern Virginia is given in the letter of our army correspondent, published elsewhere. No collision has taken place between the confronting armies since the battle of Thursday last. Condition of General Jenkins. A private dispatch was received yesterday from Dublin Depot, stating t