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Partitioning Virginia. --The New York Herald publishes Cameron's map of Virginia partitioned, under the flaming heads of "The Old Dominion to be cut up and partitioned among loyal States," "Virginia to suffer the same destiny as Poland," &c., &c. The details of the proposed division we have already published. If Cameron will stay at his post in Washington like a man, there is much more probability of his dismemberment and partition than that of Virginia. The malice which contemplates for Virginia such a fate is ridiculously impotent, but may well excite a degree of indignation in every Southern heart, that will never be satisfied, till the infamous wretch who has conceived such a purpose meets the fate which he deserves.
t the retribution which was visited upon the head of Goody and brutal despots. Even if the North could be successful, by virtue of her superior numbers, in this wicked invasion, she would only win throughout the world a reputation as odious and execrable as that of Russia, Austria, and Turkey, and infinitely more vulgar and beastly, whilst the South would be enshrined in the sympathies and respect of all lovers of liberty and national independence by the side of chivalric Hungary and heroic Poland. But the dream of Southern subjugation is as idiotic as it is execrable. As Mr Massey, member of the British Parliament, in a late speech at Tolford, declared, "If the eleven Confederate States were determined to be free, no power on earth could reduce them again to subjection. No high spirited people, no people of the Anglo Saxon race, had ever been held down in slavery, however small might be the area of their country or the military force that overshadowed it. He defied any man to
uld rally a force greater than his upon one field of battle. The advantage of numbers was neutralized by the disadvantages of position. The Polish General, Skrznecki, gained all his victories in the Polish Revolution of 1821 by means of interior lines. It is highly probable that, had he pushed his advantages as he should have done, he would have annihilated the whole Russian army, but in an evil hour he hesitated, and was lost. His excuse was, that the attempt was hazardous, and that Poland had only that army. He should have reflected that every day's delay strengthened the Russians, and that by hesitating he was rendering his own destruction certain, whereas before it was only probable. The interior line, it thus appears, is the best way to combat superior numbers, advancing from different points, by enabling the whole force of the weaker party, or at least the larger portion of it, to concentrate against the forces of the enemy while still divided, and preventing their
ground except that upon which they stand. The war has brought to all parties the most costly sacrifices, but it appears to have left the minds of the contending sections of the population in a state of more intense exasperation against each other than existed at the commencement of the last struggle. Nor ought you to forget that many of our countrymen in America are at this moment violating those rights of self government which they wish to apply in Europe, not only to Ireland; but also to Poland, to Hungary, to Venetia, and even to the lonian Isles. The states men of England say that the government of these Islands by England is infinitely better than any government could be which would depend upon Greece Yet the Ionian Islanders continue to declare, year after year, that they desire to be incorporated with the kingdom of Greece rather than to be "protected" by England; and all the friends of freedom think that they ought to be allowed to choose for themselves in regard to such a q
hed over and guided the nation suspend the visitation of its wrath, and teach the Executive a wisdom and moderation which will stay his hand from this most desperate act. Has Italy forgotten, or did she ever forget and forgive, her subjugation by Austria? Does not the Hungarian, amid the desolation of his country, still watch on the banks of the Danube for the coming of the day when he may strike down the dominion of the Cæsars and restore the violated constitution of his country? Has Poland forgotten the wrongs long past, and is she quiet at the feet of the despots of Europe? Has Ireland embraced the English letter with obsequious love? Tell me, exited sons of the "Evergreen Island," why leap your hearts at the prospect of unfurling the banner of your adopted home against the power that rests upon the home you have left? (Long continued applause) To destroy the Union and overthrow the Constitution has been the object and the design of the Abolitionists from the first or
itted to lead the procession, they will not take any part in it, and will stop the preparations which they are making.--The civic authorities, after some negotiations with the Government, carried their point and were to lead the procession. The bulletins from Malta, of Prince Alfred's health, continue satisfactory, and it was intended that the Prince should return to England as soon as he was able, to be present at his brother's wedding. France. Additional petitions in favor of Poland had been presented to the Senate. The Camp at Chalons will be opened on the 25th of April, which is earlier than was expected. The Paris correspondent of the Daily News announces that the French Government has received most embarrassing news from Mexico General Forey despairs of taking Puebla without a much greater army, and calls for large reinforcements. The Bourse had been firmer, and on the 27th rentes closed at 69.65. Italy. The Chamber of Deputies continued to d
ained by the belief that the United others desire a foreign war to enable them to have an excuse to acknowledge that the Union is broken. A Lyons letter says every branch of industry is suffering from the American war. The Pales seem to be succeeding in their revolution. Meetings sympathizing with them are being held in London. France and England have sense a note to Russia in regard to it. The Grand Duke Constantine in appointed commander-in-chief of Poland. It is said Poland is again to be a kingdom, with Constantine for its sovereign. A new Ministry has been organized in Spain with Miss Herts as President. The stock of cotton at Liverpool is estimated at 409,000 bales. Advices from Hilton Head represent the black brigade which has gone to Florida to have achieved wonderful results. Burnside's army is expected there. A good deal of skirmishing seems to belong on near Murfreesboro and Franklin, Tenn. Jack Morgch's soon throw the Nashvill
Poland. We had never expected to witness in our day a rekindling of the fires in the aches of subjugated Poland. It is not yet too late for Western Europe to retrieve the blunder by which the permitted this outpost of her own civilization to overrun by Russian barbarians. But we have no hope of any such interposition in her behalf. The same selfish and pusillanimous policy which held the free Governments along before still prevails in their councils. They will give Poland so many fine words, and the London Times, in particular, with defiances the Czar to vigorously that no doubt be must feel ashamed of himself, but not so to acknowledge Poland independence.--He will go on and conquer Poland if he can, in spite of Mrs. Caunie. This fresh iniquity permitted, the free press of Western Europe will proceed to indulge in prolonged adulations over the wrongs and oppressions of mankind. The Emperor of Russia is entitled to more respect than the timid and time-serving Western
with partial paralysis, although the news was broken to her as quietly as possible. The family were about leaving for Europe. From Europe. The Bohemian, from Londonderry, on the 13th arrived at Portland Friday. News one day later. Console closed in London on 13th at 91½ for money American securities were fewer. The Liverpool cotton market closed firm on the 13th at previous rates. Breadstuffs quiet. Provisions dull. Poland.--Langlewitz had assumed the dictator ship of Poland. He issued a stirring and liberty inspiring address to his countrymen of all the provinces, with predacious effect. He is hopeful of the issue. The Czar of Russia, in reply to Napoleon's letter, refused to make any concessions to Poland before the insurgents had surrendered unconditionally. It is said the reduction of discount of the Bank of France was caused by a considerable influx of gold from America. The British Government have officially endeavored to induce Ring of Dahome
w days the advantage, and are now beginning to lose it; that they are far better provided with arms than could have been expected, and that they are commanded by officers of some experience. A rough notion of the seat of the conflict may be given by describing a crescent extending on the one band from the point of junction of the Austrian and Prussian frontiers a little to the northeast of Cracow, passing thence by the frontier of Gallican, and then by the frontier between Russia proper and Poland to the Prussian frontier again, directly to the north of Warsaw. Within the whole of the district embraced by these lines, that is to say, by far the larger part of the kingdom of Poland, the insurrection is general. It extends, however, beyond the frontier into Russia itself; and it seems probable that it will very soon, to its certain destruction, extend over the Prussian and Austrian frontiers. In fact, the insurrection seems to have a stronger hold at the junction of the Prussian and
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