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he Wear Bridge. His house was situated about mid-way between the bridge and the Lowell Railroad, immediately in front of the Woburn Road. It was torn down, in 1779, by his great-grandson, Samuel. He died July 29, 1696, aged 64; and his second wife, Hannah, died Mar. 10, 1702, aged about 70. His children were, by his first wife,--  3-6Susannah, b. Dec. 27, 1661; d. unm., Dec. 23, 1686.  7Mary, b. Nov. 18, 1663; d. young.  8Mary, m. Nathaniel Ball.  9Rebecca, d. unm.  10Sarah, m. Philemon Russell, Oct. 18, 1705. And, by his second wife,--  11Ebenezer, b. Feb. 24, 1670.  12Samuel, b. Sept. 1, 1672. 3-11Ebenezer Brooks m. Abigail, dau. of Dr. Thomas Boylston, of Brookline. They joined the church, 1712. He d. Feb. 11, 1743; his wife d. May 26, 1756, aged 82. Their children were--  11-13Caleb, b. July 8, 1694.  14Ebenezer, b. May 23, 1698.  15Thomas, b. Apr. 18, 1705; d. unm. Nov. 14, 1784.  16Samuel, b. Feb. 8, 1710.  17Abigail, b. Oct. 6, 1699; m. Thomas Oakes.
Daniel Hovey, Simon Howard, Jonathan Ingersol, Jonas Jackson, John Kidder, David Lamson, Edward Manning, William Marshall, John Mason, John Matthews, Thomas Mayhew, Francis Moore, Jr., William Moore, Christopher Mudgeon, John Mullett, John Nutting, Daniel Paine, Stephen Paine, Daniel Parkhurst, Thomas Peirce, Warren Perkins, Reuben Prentice, Addison Richardson, John Rickey, John Robbins, Joseph Robbins, Nathan Robbins, Thomas Robbins, Jr., William Robbins, John Robinson, Hobart Russell, Philemon Russell, Dennis Ryan, Henry Seager, Thomas Shepard, Philip Sherman, Thomas Sherman, Thomas Sisson (Drummer), Joseph Smith, Parsons Smith, Benjamin Stanley, David Stanley, Jonathan Stanley, Joseph Stanley, Michael Stanley, Stephen Stearns, Aaron Swan, Joshua Swan, Samuel Swan, Mansfield Tapley, Thomas Thwing, Daniel Warren, Joseph Withington, Jason Winship, John Wellington, Jonas Wyeth. One of the papers in the Massachusetts Archives commemorates the good service of a Cambridge officer and i
Historic leaves, volume 3, April, 1904 - January, 1905, Gregory Stone and some of his descendants (search)
awkins, he was empowered to make a division of the school money, and December, 1791, we read that he had an order on the town treasurer for £ 3 17s 6d, to furnish wood for the school under his care. The name of Samuel Tufts does not occur very often in connection with school affairs. As town treasurer, he was thrown into close relations with the selectmen, and must have been intimately acquainted with the school in his own section. May 11, 1778, with Caleb Call, Samuel Gardner, and Philemon Russell, he was appointed to regulate the outside schools of the town. The following year this committee consisted of Samuel Tufts, Samuel Gardner, and Amos Warren. February, 1782, the school, under the direction of Samuel Tufts, received £ 29 10s to offset the expenses of the year before. Nathaniel Hawkins, generally styled Collector Hawkins, as one of the selectmen, was acting for the schools as early as 1783. His first recorded service was in 1784, when he was appointed, with Esquire T
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Historic leaves, volume 4, April, 1905 - January, 1906, Charlestown schools without the Peninsula Revolutionary period. (search)
In 1778 he was succeeded by his brother, Philemon Russell. Lieutenant Samuel Cutter was serving believe, up to 1782. In August, 1779, Philemon Russell received £ 18, and June, 1780, Edward Gar late as 1786, served on the committee, and Mr. Russell's name occurs in the same connection, year following November Messrs. Whittemore and Philemon Russell were empowered to lay a floor, make seats, may not be out of place. June 3, 1788, Mr. Russell receives an order for work at the school, £chool amounted to £ 3 5s 6d. April 4, 1791, Mr. Russell's bill for cutting and carting wood to the cords of wood to their respective schools, Mr. Russell receives £ 3 9s, and Mr. Wyman £ 4 4s. Thisober 19, 1789. Voted that Coll. Hawkins, Philemon Russell, and Seth Wyman provide masters for the sCaleb Call, Samuel Tufts, Samuel Gardner, Philemon Russell; £ 140 (for all the schools). May 20, amount). May 26, 1788, the selectmen, Philemon Russell, Seth Wyman; £ 150 (for all schools). [5 more..
urther provision is best to be made for the public school and report at the May meeting. The gentlemen appointed were Richard Devens, Esq., Samuel Dexter, Esq., Captain Thomas Harris, John Larkin, Timothy Thompson, Jr., John Bromfield, and Philemon Russell. They beg leave to report it is their opinion that females be admitted into the public school within the Neck for six months of the year, from May to October, inclusive; that their hours of instruction be from 11 to 1 and 4 to 6, from the aommittee for similar purposes be annually chosen. Voted that the selectmen be the committee to regulate the schools and provide an usher for the school within the Neck for six months. Later it was voted to add Richard Devens, Samuel Dexter, Philemon Russell, and Seth Wyman to this committee. May 23, 1791, Voted that Captain Goodwin alter the schoolhouse to accommodate it for an assistant master. The last named committee was re-appointed in May, 1792. Evidently there was some doubt as to
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an occasional passer-by by its size, knotted trunk and branches. Residents are so used to it they think nothing of it, except in cherry-time, when it is besieged by boys. It measures ten feet, four inches in circumference. It is one of three fine-fruited trees which grew here, together with many other excellent varieties of fruit, on what is best known as the Hayes estate. By rough calculation, it must be about seventy-five years old. The Hayes estate of fifty acres was purchased of Philemon Russell, and was remembered by a lady, now deceased, as an extremely pleasant place to visit sixty years or more ago. The cherry trees, red and black ox-hearts, golden porters, and other delicious varieties, a well, and a waving field of mowing, with a cart-path through it, left such an impression that, in after years, when in search of a place for a home, her thoughts turned to this spot, and she was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a lot here. During the Rebellion this tract of level
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Historic leaves, volume 6, April, 1907 - January, 1908, Original English inhabitants and early settlers in Somerville.—(Ii.) (search)
han Teele, of Somerville. Rebecca Cutter, daughter of William, was of the third generation, and married Joseph Adams (the second Joseph), of Cambridge. The descendants of Richard Cutter now living in this city are seventy-four in all. Philemon Russell, probably in 1789, as he was in the census of that year. His possessions in Somerville were near Alewife Brook. He was son of Joseph, who may have lived in the same locality, and who was of the fourth generation of the William Russell family of Cambridge. Philemon Russell married Elizabeth, daughter of David Wyman. His eldest son, Philemon Robbins, married Martha, daughter of Isaac Tufts, a member of the ubiquitous Tufts family. The descendants of William Russell now living in this city, all through Philemon R. and wife Martha, are sixteen in number. Nathaniel Hawkins, 1783, married, first, Sarah, and second, Rebecca; daughters of Samuel Kent, as previously mentioned. His sons, Christopher and Guy Carleton, resided here, b
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