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In reply to this Philip followed a very different line of argument from that recently used against the Thessalians and Perrhaebians: With the Maroneans or with Eumenes, he said, I have no debate, but now, Romans, the debate is with you, from whom I have for some time observed that I receive no fair treatment. The cities of the Macedonians which had revolted from me during the trucePossibly the truce of 197 B.C. (XXXII. xxxvi. 8), but the revolt has not been mentioned before. I deemed it right that I should recover, not because it would be an important addition to my kingdom —for they are small towns and, moreover, situated on theB.C. 185 farthest frontiers —but because it was a valuable precedent for holding within bounds the other Macedonians. This was refused me. During the Aetolian war, ordered by the consul Manius Acilius to besiege Lamia, after I had been wearied for a long time by the siege and battles and when I was on the point of scaling the walls, I was re