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Washington (United States) 99 1 Browse Search
United States (United States) 90 0 Browse Search
Felix K. Zollicoffer 59 1 Browse Search
Kentucky (Kentucky, United States) 58 0 Browse Search
Tennessee (Tennessee, United States) 52 0 Browse Search
Jefferson Davis 52 0 Browse Search
Fort Donelson (Tennessee, United States) 48 0 Browse Search
S. S. Fry 48 2 Browse Search
Abe Lincoln 46 0 Browse Search
Floyd 45 1 Browse Search
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Washington (United States) (search for this): chapter 51
22. Rebels. Rebels! 'tis a holy name! The name our fathers bore, When battling in the cause of Right, Against the tyrant in his might, In the dark days of yore. Rebels! 'tis our family name! Our father, Washington, Was the arch-rebel in the fight, And gave the name to us — a right Of father unto son. Rebels! 'tis our given name! Our mother, Liberty, Received the title with her fame, In days of grief, of fear and shame, When at her breast Were we. Rebels! 'tis our sealed name! A baptism of blood! The war — ay, and the din of strife-- The fearful contest, life for life-- The mingled crimson flood. Rebels! 'tis a patriot's name! In struggles it was given; We bore it then when tyrants raved, And through their curses 'twas engraved On the doomsday book of heaven. Rebels! 'tis our fighting name! For peace rules o'er the land, Until they speak of craven woe-- Until our rights receive a blow, From foe's or brother's hand. Rebels! 'tis our dying name! For although life is dear