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December 18th (search for this): chapter 22
cles, and Aristophanes. A Club Tea followed: a pleasant one. I asked the mothers present whether they educated their daughters in hygiene and housekeeping. The response was not enthusiastic, and people were more disposed to talk of the outer world, careers of women, business or profession, than to speak of the home business. One young girl, however, told us that she was a housekeeping girl; a very pleasant lady, Mrs. Burr, had been trained by her mother, to her own great advantage. December 18. For the [Parker] Fraternity a text occurs to me, Upon this rock I will build my church. Will speak of the simple religious element in human nature, the loss of which no critical skill or insight could replace. Will quote some of the acts and expressions of the true religious zeal of other days, and ask why this means nothing for us of to-day. Her first act of 1888 was to preach this sermon before the Parker Fraternity. It was one of those best liked by herself and others. The g
wealth to the two eldest grandchildren, to whom she bequeathed it. In Portland she spent several days, lectured three times, and was most hospitably entertained. On her one disengaged evening she went down into the hotel parlor, played for the guests to dance, played accompaniments for them to sing. She spoke to the school children; she made slight acquaintance with various people, most of whom told her the story of their lives. Briefly, she touched life at every point. Finally, on May 5, she reached San Francisco, and a few hours later the ranch of San Geronimo, where the Mailliards had been living for some years. Situation very beautiful, she says; a cup in the mountains. Here she found her beloved sister Annie, the little Hitter of her early letters; here she spent happy days, warm with outer and inner sunshine. California was a-tiptoe with eagerness to see and hear the author of the Battle Hymn ; many lectures were planned, in San Francisco and elsewhere. The Jou
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