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Sidney Smith (search for this): article 5
he taste, quickens, the perceptions, and gives, as it were, a grace and flexibility to the intellect." Somewhere also the same writer remarks that "men are as much stimulated to mutual effort by the sympathy of the gentler sex as by the desire of power or fame, Women are more disposed to appreciate worth and intellectual superiority than men, or at least they are as often captivated by the noble manifestations of genius as by the fascination of manners and the charms of person." And Sidney Smith says: "Among men of sense and liberal politeness a woman who has successfully cultivated her mind, without diminishing the gentleness and propriety of her manners, is always sure to meet with a respect and admiration bordering upon enthusiasm" Again, another writer observes that, "Of all other views a man may in time grow tired, but in the countenance of woman there is a variety which acts weariness at defiance," "The divine right of beauty," says Jorsing, "is the only divine